thinking out loud (chess)

Chess, for this Board game came up with a lot of themes for every taste and color.

And while playing chess, I got the idea that the pieces “eat” each other, right? so why not remove the quotation marks and make a game like this?

In this game, you can come up with a lot of additions.

When a pawn eats the second most important piece (Bishop, stone, knight), it has the right to become one of them to choose from, in a more expanded form. Or when the opponent’s king is checkmated, the other king eats the remaining pieces of the opponent.

But I give an idea, for those who find it difficult to come up with anything at all…

I hope it was at least a little useful to someone.

(Note: I don’t like games with vore, burping, and/or gurgling. I just want a WG, but I realize that everyone has different tastes.)


As someone that DOES love vore(and has a decent understanding and interest in chess)… I LOVE the sound of this!


The chess enthusiast in me is saying “pawn promotion is already in chess”

I really like this idea, but I have a question. What happens when a pawn takes another pawn “en passant”?

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when I first read this I thought you meant whenever any piece captures another it could transform if you wanted instead of it being restricted to the pawns. I guess that could be a house rule though.

also the rook would be hard to make fat and it making sense, unless it was changed to something other than a siege tower

Most likely just visually increases, but this does not mean that it does not lead to consequences.

I did not just mention the topics, classical chess is not required, the pieces can look like anything, the main thing was clear who is who.

As for the pawns, I think the rules could be quite flexible.

This sounds like a really great idea!

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