Thinking up some idea for a RPG maker game

Hi Im new to the forums and was thinking of messing around with a game idea in RPG maker, I really want to work on my pixel art and I thought might as well start a project. I wanted to get an idea on what y’all like to see in your games, like what scenarios have you enjoy from other games? I know everyone has their own taste and I just wanted to get a general consensus thank you ^w^

P.S. Here is some pixel art I recently did of Fio from Metal Slug.


Very cute fio! do you have a discord? i would like to talk to you about some ideas


One thing I definitely like is when NPCs gain weight aswell. Like in open world RPG-Maker games like Coven of Calahree or Apsotles


An interesting concept i’ve seen with fatties eating fatties is making your characters get fatter as you level up and perhaps adding puzzles that require your character to be fat enough themselves to be able to finish and complete the puzzle?

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Just made one right now, here’s my username Fio_Redfang#3980

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Thank you all for your suggestions, I already have idea firing off in my head. Gonna try to get started on some of these idea today.

Absolutely incredible Fio

Also since you look really talented with pixel art, I think a more ‘action-type’ game may be best
Something like a simple beat them all with fattening traps and enemies

Well do love G.U.T it have light RPG but there are a ton of fun little side quests also I may have an idea game were you are managing an small army the fatter each people gets the stronger the army becomes but you get items from fight monsters and cooking them.

Hello again wanted to post to get y’all’s opinion on an idea I had, how would you all feel about an rpg where you stuff/ fatten your opponents instead of attacking them. So all attacks would be feeding theme and as their hp drop their sprite would change to a more stuffed version of them.

I used on of the default actors sprites to do a test but this would be there base sprite and like their stage one stuffed sprite.



This reminds me of G.U.T. Its a nice addition to the game. Maybe even add a small text to certain foods stating how many calories they have and how unhealthy they are

that sounds like a really cool game, would be even cooler if some enemies could fatten you in response

Story SUGGESTION : How about a Yandere girl who is obessed with main character, but is very shy. The player gets love notes from her, but doesn’t know its from her.

So, she turns to Comfort food and the girl starts to develop an obession with Sweets and pastries, especially Heart shaped cakes. In fact, any Cute heart shaped candy she notices, Her Binge eating starts.

Cheesecake, Cookies, Pie, Strawberry Cupcakes, Pink Watermelon Soda, Maple Syrup pancakes, and pastries. She actually starts to glug Drink Whole Bottles of Sweet Strawberry Syrup.

Eventually, Yandere girl notices her belly getting soft and chubby while trying to put on pants, so she gets some Corset and shapewear. Months and Years go by, while She Continues to eat and eat, but doesn’t realize how FAT and HUGE She is becoming.

soon, College Graduation is only 4 months away, and Yandere girl finally tells her feelings to main character player. They begin dating for a while, however her binge eating of Candy and Pastry hasn’t stopped. In fact Her Appetite gotten Larger, much LARGER since they started dating .
Suddenly she realizes the vast amount of pressure in her Corset and shape wear.

the Girl obtains a Metal Corset , and Woven Bronze Lace Strings to hold in her Belly and Fatness. As Weeks go by, however chair, beds, and other furniture start to creak and make strange noises, after she sat on them. This was because she was also growing heavier. One day while sitting in bed, snacking on her favorite meal. The Bed collapses and the girl is quite suprised.

  • College Graduation day nears, and due to nervousness, she finds herself Gorging on Mammoth sized portions of Pastries, Cake, and Pie. of course after eating so much, strange sounds an Creaking noises start to come from her Corset. So she wraps on more strong Metal Lace on her body, wondering could she make past graduation day.

  • The Cermony begins and she walks and obtains diploma as other students. Earlier, that week she had helped strenghten Stage Floor, as a part of College’s building plan. Afterwards they go to a buffet with friends. The next day main character takes her to private Dinner. Months later, after marriage they move into brand home.

  • In private intamacy of bedroom. While the girl eats 10 tasty creampuffs, and licking her fingers. the Corset finally bursts, and her MASSIVE, SOFT, BELLY Expands outward. Knocking furniture and wall. Her Belly swells to size of a moutain, soft, Fat, and jiggly. The girl’s Hips and thighs also widen and thicken. The main character Player looks on with awe and wonder.

  • To their Suprise, a hungry growl is heard, which soon becomes a deep ravenous roar from her SOFT, FAT, ENORMOUS** Belly, still hungry for Sweets, Cream, and strawberry cake. The main character gently pats her soft tummy, then feeds her some more yummy delicous cake and pie.