This Game is and Will Remain Closed

Per the lack of interest, I’m winding this one down. To those who did apply, best of luck finding a game.


Just wanted to ask, would you allow dragonborn from Fizband’s?

Breath weapon damage/# of uses seems like the only difference at 1st level. I happen to like those changes better, so why not?

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Do ya have a discord?

To apply, simply put together a complete 1st-level character and DM it to me here on Weightgaming.

Can I still join? I just saw this replay

You may wish to re-read the initial post.

Dang i should of applyed.

I wish I’d aplied but I didn’t have the dnd stuff other then some dices

Since this place is dead… I’m running a few games on Discord. Just hit me up and I can send you my Discord name