this intro is flawed

Hey hey, I’m AbusiveAbe (no my real name isn’t Abe), I’m not the best at introductions but I’m currently working on a rpg maker wg/fat themed rpg maker game, it’s my first time creating a game so it’ll take a while for me to get it into a full release, i live in the United States and i smoke lots of pot, that’s the main reason i even created the game, is because i was high and i thought it’d be cool to dev a game, anyway, i have to go do important stuff, bye bye :3


Welcome here, I am just a random game roleplayer.

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Welcome to the forum! The intro gets a passing grade from me! :+1:

Nice to welcome another developer into the fold so here’s hoping your game will see a release in the future!

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Well this intro was quite interesting thank you for the laughs I don’t know many people who would flat out say they smoked pot in their intro but hey I’m not complaining. And did you mean to reference corphish from mystery dungeon by saying Hey hey or not just curious.

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no i didnt lol, im surprised you laughed

Well not many people I know are painfully honest especially when introducing themselves

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ah well thank you :3