Thoughts on a li'l text adventure idea?


I’ve never made a fetish game before, or a game for anyone else to see! I’ve made only a couple before and all of which were just for other people or class projects.
Anyhow, I’d love to make a small game for this site to learn how it works and because I think it’ll be fun.

Ok so my idea won’t appeal to everybody, but maybe it’ll appeal to somebody?
The main idea is that you play the envoy of an alien species in disguise, tasked with the mission to find suitable mothers for the new generation. You choose to be either a friend or a bully, and must choose the host of the egg you have been given and supervise its development.
I’m thinking of maybe a few different endings and some kind of graphics that may look something like this:

But with actual colour not just pastels, these are only quick examples. :3

The endings might be based on which girl you choose to be the mother, and your choices with them. I think it will be fun if each different character has a different personality that affects the process: e.g. One puts on weight, one just overeats and another gets bellyache. (Idk, small things. I’d actually love some suggestions so if you have any ideas please let me know!)

Thanks for reading! Any input is gladly accepted and i’ll do my best to respond. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a cute little idea, straigh up my alley! :smiley:


Good to hear, thank you!

an interesting concept, especially if there could be weight gain and/or breast expansion involved, no Xenomorph chest bursters though


Ha! Weight gain YES…
Chest bursters…no haha. I will do my best to make this game as not-creepy as possible. >-<


love it how to see it

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Well it LOOKS cute. ^^

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Thanks! The game is barely in development since this is just an idea of sorts, but the response is positive so far so I’ll think about beginning to make the full game very soon C:

This sounds really neat! Would love to see it made!

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oh my this good and the art looks great to