Three Half-Complete Projects

I’ve had several stabs at creating a weight-gain/stuffing based video game (or sim or whatever), generally when some tool or another caught my fancy. I thought at at least someone would get a kick out of them, so here are the three most successful.

Chub Clicker (play link) is a sim-type game made using the old version of Orteil’s (of Cookie Clicker fame) Idle Game Maker. It’s got a real-time component to it, which I don’t really like, and on the whole it’s a bit half-baked. Also, the layout kinda sucks.
Source: CC2 -

Munch (play link) is a simple puzzle game made in puzzlescript. Your goal is to eat all the fast food in the level, but if you’re too hasty you’ll get too fat to fit into the tunnels. Relatively complete concept, but very few levels and terrible graphics.
Source + Editor: PuzzleScript

What’s on the Table: A Doting Sim (download link, 127.2 KB) is another sim-type game, written in javascript with Squiffy as a framework. Very simple and condensed; just pile the table with food and prompt your feedee to dig in until they’re stuffed (or prompt your feeder to bring you food and then dig in until you’re stuffed. It’s flexible!). It’s sort of janky (the main screen lags behind your actions), it’s incomplete, and the code is very old and bad and hurts a little to look at, but it works and I like the end result. The most likely to be revisited and expanded (and definitely refactored).
(Note: in order to run the game, simply open index.html. Also, for some reason you need to click the restart button in order for the links to show up as buttons.)
Source: · GitHub
Editor: Squiffy - A simple way to write interactive fiction

Also, bonus: a physics thing (18.6 KB) which I wrote in js using D3, using some of munimunikinoko’s art as a base. You can click and drag, although the effect is very subtle (to prevent it from from being horrifying).


This links to dungeon of the squeemish chickens though?
are you sure this is correct?
Munch sounds like something i wanna play but it’s definitely not this.

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Augh, this is what I get for not double checking the links. It has been fixed.

These are really neat!

I especially liked the Munch game, you don’t see too many WG games explore puzzle mechanics like this one does.

And the other two games look really promising, and could be really enjoyable if you decide to revisit either of 'em!

Really love Chub Clicker! Hope you keep developing it. Only issue on that one is that the image in the upper right isn’t working for me.

I’ll certainly say its a very charming collection!

How do you play “What’s on the table”, I don’t know how to run this game.

can you play whats on the table on android?

How do you play “What’s on the table”, I don’t know how to run this game.

You just need to open index.html in your browser.

can you play whats on the table on android?

There’s probably a way to open local html files on Android, but you would have to figure that out yourself (or ask on another site/in a new thread)

If that doesn’t work, and if you really wanted to, you could copy-paste the source code into the squiffy editor and then run it from there. But you’d be losing a lot of screen real estate to the editor, and it would be very cumbersome to run.

Munch has some code in it. There’s one called playerflub, but I doubt anyone has found a way to get it appear…

Got hit by a blast of inspiration thanks to all of your feedback. Four levels (and a few bug fixes, for features that didn’t show up in the first three) have been added to Munch.

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This is interesting. I still don’t know about how to get playerflub to trigger or if that’s completely inactive for now, but I want to see more of this.

I really like the chub clicker and the other but I hope to more of chub clicker in the future

whats the source code from whats on the table ?

With a lot of people loving chub clicker (myself included in idle based games) I decided to add in my note on a bug I found. Dunno if it’s a bug or if you left it in yourself as testing but…
Following text is an exploit spoiler

all you need to do is purchase and sell just one stomach capacity. Buy and sell over and over and you can continue buying the next level up. It gives a higher return than intended. I am only at Day 9 just short of 300lbs with 100 stomach capacity, 600 digestion speed, 600 diet plan, and 3 autochef (it takes 200 digestion to negate one autochef.) I literally having the weight climb up by a single pound per ten seconds at this point, and I can keep going. Experience count is broken as it doesn’t move, so only way I get more experience is though selling and rebuying stomach capacity. The others don’t seem to give the same return value.

Overall, none of the games have any issues of what I’ve found. The minimalist graphics of Munch give it a special charm, and What’s on the Table gives a fantastic fantasy, even if the gaining is extremely slow (But hey, some people like slow gaining, who am I to judge).

I don’t know what you’re expecting, but playerflub is definitely triggerable in one of the 4 newer levels.

It’s in the syntax of Squiffy. It’s a series of story sections consisting of a title, an optional block of JavaScript, and a block MarkDown with some interpolation.

Definitely a bug. It’s been a long, long time since I wrote that code, but I’m not surprised something like that is in there. I was really pushing the limits of what Idle Game Maker could do, and not in a fun way – I was fighting the system basically the entire time. If I revisit the project (pretty unlikely – sorry) a complete rewrite would probably be in order.

Glad to see they both hit their target! I thought the gain in WotT to be pretty slow myself, when I revisited it to make this topic, so there may very well be some updates on that in the near future…

I just wanted to say thank you for posting these here with source code even in their incomplete state.
Looking at how someone else has implemented ideas is very useful for inspiration.

WotT is my favorite as I particularly like simulation type WG games.

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