Thy Safety Be Not Guaranteed

So… funny story, when I first heard what the prompt was for the Lo-Cal Gain Jam, I originally decided to try to make a Management Sim in Twine where you hire adventurers, fatten them up to get stronger and send them out on quests for profit. I figured my game was getting complicated so I decided to create a Tutorial character to explain how everything worked.

At first things were going well, but after running into a shitload of bugs and some problems at home, my ADHD brain decided it didn’t like coding a management sim anymore and wanted to write more and more interactions between the player and the Tutorial character until eventually there was more code dedicated to the tutorial than the actual game.

In any case, here is my submission for the Lo-Cal Gain Jam

Thy Safety Be Not Guaranteed
An Adventurer Management Fat Himbo Knight Dating Sim


Minor bug I’ve found.

The game doesn’t seem to be registering the whole “Has a Penis” variable lol.

I charged the knight and started kissing her having started as male then it was on about her finginger my pussy after some variable not found thing popped up.

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That’s… bizarre. Do you have a screenshot? When I tested it as a male, it gave me this screen, as it should.


Thank you. Mislabeled a variable. V0.2 is uploaded with the fix.

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I hope you continue working on this game, I love the writing and i need more of it yesterday.


Thank you for the encouragement. I probably will continue developing this game in some fashion when I have the motivation to the get the actual game working, but I may have to switch the engine to Ren’py or RPG maker if I can’t get around the bugs in twine. At the very least I will definitely finish writing out all the sex scenes between the PC and the knight in this “demo”. Maybe it’s just me but I find there is a dearth of actual sex content when it comes to these fetish games.


I love this game so much….:pleading_face:
Ended up loving the romance part the most, definitely something I’ve been wanting in these types of games for a long while.
Very excited, hope you update when you feel like it!
(Very hard to find lgbt stuff especially in fetish games, I feel like. Appreciate it.)


Thank you, I’ve been working on getting a more complete demo out soon.

It’s so weird how my writing brain took over when I started creating this character of the tutorial knight. Originally they were just gonna be the mullet dude from the YTMND meme who would then immediately die to the first monster after showing you what to do. Then I decided to make them fat because Gain Jam and made them romancable because I figured some players might be into that. When I thought about why the knight might find the player character attractive and what their motivations would be for starting a hero guild, I made them into a feeder/trainer. After that, I decided to flip their gender because I figured more people would be interested in that, given the demographics of these games. It was only near the end that I realized that it didn’t really matter what gender or junk either party had when it came to romantic chemistry, so long as I focused on maintaining a consistent characterization throughout the story. So I just made the knight completely customizable, complete with pronouns and genitals, based on the players preferences. In the end I was more interested in writing actions and reactions from this character than fixing the buggy mess of my quest system, so I decided to just keep until the end of the jam rather than try to force myself to code something that wasn’t working.