Time for a weight gain-themed suika game?

So, I assume most of you know what I’m talking about here. There’s a puzzle game similar to 2084 where you drop fruit in a somewhat limited space, and you try to make bigger fruit by fusing two smaller ones together in order to rack up the points. It quickly took the Japanese side of the internet by storm, and it’s also somewhat popular here in the west. Do you think it would be fun to have a version with a weight gain coat of paint?

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I assume you’ve probably played Oppai Oppai Orbs by ink or Oppai Game(Tits Game) by OppaiKoubou recently and got inspired?


Yeah, I’ve played the latter (Like hell I would use keyboard controls for this lol)

There are tools for making your own 2084 game simply by submitting images, but doesn’t yet seem to be anything similar for a suika/watermelon game. Probably easier said than done, sadly.