Time to get Evil in here oh and hi.

Hello there, I’m Mad’n Evil, a previous lurker on this site, but one who’s trying to improve himself as an artist and trying to learn more about making games and such.

I won’t lie, I’m a complete rookie when it comes to programming and such, but that’s why I’m here - To learn how to do this stuff and maybe make a few games and do some other things while I’m here.

To be honest, I’m working on a project in RPGMaker MV, and as you can guess, there will be expansive tendencies to that.

I’m not above asking for help, nor am I above showing what I’ve got as I make it. I do want to at least try to get some stuff done for the game I’m currently working on, but until then, it’s a pleasure to meet you all.


I suppose it should be appropriate to show a little something that I’m working on, I still have a lot to do with it, but it’s a small little thing:

I know it’s a generic background, but I’m just trying to get a feel with the graphics and such, and I am looking for some tips and tricks to help make the game at least playable.


Hi, welcome to the site dude!.. well I know you were already a lurker but ya know what I mean

PS: Is your catchphrase Time to get Evil in here?


Thanks for the welcome, to answer your question, nope, I don’t really have a catchphrase. lulz

Just hoping to make a couple of fun games or so.

Welcome to the site! I am sure you will find out community eager to help answer any questions you may have. Good luck on your future projects!

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I appreciate that, I plan on starting a post tomorrow in the middle of the morning with the idea that I’m trying to do. along with the first hurdle that I have lol.

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Nice, I look forward to reading it over

holy fuck. been a fan of your work for a while. didn;t expect to find you here

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Aw, thanks. I really appreciate that, but yeah, I’ve been a lurker here for a few months, and decided that I should finally make an account and see if I can get some questions answered for making my own game(s).

cool. judging how your posting on a weight gain site I guess the game involves weight gain in someway?

lol, it’d be pretty weird if it didn’t in some way.

I’ve kinda been hinting at it on twitter, while doing some of the graphics for the game.

“is currently looking at said twitter that I had open for weeks on my phone”

ah yeah I saw some of the older posts

Well, I also showed an example of the battle sprites for one of the protags.


oh yeah I remamber that one

Welcome dude! You seem really great, and I’m sure you’ll fit in nicely! Especially with what you got so far!

Thanks, after I write up a summary and such, I plan on making a post later today talking about the project, what I hope to do with it, and hopefully get a few of my questions answered.

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Well, I’d certainly would love to see it!

Had a feeling that’d be the case lol.

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Welcome to the forums. Looking forward to whatever you make.