Tip: Premium mid level music production tool

I had been wanting to post this after finding it but spent a good while figuring out how to deliver the post to not look like a scam. Hopefully people know what Ableton is.

I saw a deleted reddit post explaining how to get access to Ableton Live Lite 11 and took every precaution to check it out, the method is legit. There are probably people still starting out here and having access to a premium DAW might help open many doors. I won’t put a link directly, anyone who wants this will manually type in and verify the link on their own.

How to: go to the OFFICIAL Ableton website, after the .com add: /en/products/live-lite/in-app-signup/ after that the bundle key: b486649b6a7a48709f9fa9697e7df501/ the full link goes to a basic and sketchy looking email entry page, it’ll send to any email even a temporary one if you still feel this might be a scam. Every step after is written in the email. Funny how shady everything about this sounds.

The Ableton app is brilliant but it helped me come to the sad realization that I am awful at music. In my opinion the company doesn’t seem to care about lite serials bundling them in the strangest apps, some free some paid, shipping it with many music products, even allowing used product serial requests. The catch is this lite version is limited to 8 tracks, and this bundle link might expire eventually.

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