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Hi all! Thinking about starting up a text-based adventure project. Wondering if anyone had any tips about using From what I’ve seen, it looks very user-friendly!

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It is very user-friendly! While you can write games straight through its code, you can also use its user interface for guidance and switch between the two at any time. It has a low skill floor and you can do a lot with it if you choose to see it through all the way.

As for tips, you can do almost everything you need to with the If script and the Set a variable attribute script. Plus, of course, the Print message script. You can use recursive functions to cause an attribute (for instance, weight) to change when you use the Set a variable attribute script, for instance:
player.weight = player.weight + 1
player.weight = player.weight + food.calories
Or however you want to make your weight gain system.

I’m also available sometimes to answer questions, and although it’s an old hobby, I do like talking about it!

Moved to game engines section of project help since this is a question more related to using an engine then general game design.