Tips for making weight gain rpg maker game?

Hey i just got rpg maker VX ace any tips for making a weight gain,inflation,vore,stuffing rpg maker game?

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Start small. Make baby’s first fatty quest.


Okay tips for making fat sprites in RPG Maker VX Ace?

@Juxtaterrestrial …,

@Juxtaterrestrial Are you dead?

Heu, fool who bought a bunch of rpgmakers here, Vx ace is ok, but most people use Mv since it has way more support. Regardless, just fiddle around and learn the basics.

Just at least give me a guide for weight gain rpg maker VX ace game.

I haven’t made one yet, but I do have a few tips. 1. Get used to the program: this will help you out in the future. 2.Have sprites:all kinds of them like food, enemies, characters between weight gain, and much more.
So, what kind of game are you aiming for?

You’re three best friends will be the “parallel” event trigger for “common events”, “control variable” event function, and “control switches” event function.

These are the main things you’ll use to make a weight gain system. Variables can be used to track things like a character’s weight, current calories, or whatever you want it to for your weight gain system. Switches are best used for reaching weight thresholds or if you did something for the first time (like the first time this character ripped their clothing for example) variables can do this as well, and should be used for weight level if you include any form of weight loss into your game. Parallel event triggers are used to make an event play at the same time as the player is allowed to walk around, talk to people, get into battles etc. So it can be used to constantly check if the player has gained enough weight to increase in weight level, or constantly refresh a variable that you want tied to stat (let’s say luck for example, I changed luck into a weight stat for my game. With the event running in the background, I have a variable being constantly updated by my character’s current luck stat).


Be an artist?

The only real tip anyone can give you in terms of drawing art for a WG game is to actually draw the art, I don’t know if there’s really any other tips for that.
I mean, sure, if you’re NOT an artist, you can just stick to simpler drawings, even if they’re not that good (it’s called “programmer art”, it doesn’t have to be good for now), then later on, if you’ve made a following for the game, you might be able to hire an artist to slip in there and redraw all your programmer art.

(Also, you shouldn’t ping Juxta so much in such a short time, it was New Years, he was probably off doing NYE stuff, or sleeping.)



If you bug someone for fast answers, especially at this time of year, all you’re going to do is piss them off. And the ‘Are you dead?’ comment is in extremely bad taste, given all the crap that’s going on in the world right now.

As for RPG maker, I don’t use it myself, but there are any number of tutorials and assets out there to get you started. As @Juxtaterrestrial said, start small. Experiment with stuff and build up your knowledge of the program.