Tips/practices for gming?

Hi, I tried out gming recently and I had a hard time, I was very nervous and awkward, so I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or stuff to do so I can help improve, I really want to make my friends happy

If I may ask, what is gming? Did you perhaps mean to say gaming? And even there, what?

Game master. As in being a DM or GM for a table top rpg group.

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I have been a GM for a few years, so I can give some tips that work for me, but one thing to remember is that running a game and story telling are skills to develop, so don’t worry if its not going great right away.

The first, and arguably most important, thing I can advice is to not worry too much about how “good” the story of your game is, as long as everyone is having fun. GM:ing isn’t always the easiest thing to do, and I would assume your friends appreciate that you’re stepping up to that role, so as long as everyone is having a good time (yourself included), you’re doing a great job.

A great thing to have is the ability to improvise. Since you can’t account for everything your players will do, being able to quickly adapt to a rapidly shifting situation will be an invaluable skill.

Making notes, taking notes during the session, and having a rough outline for your story is always helpful, but you never know if your players will burn the starting tavern and murder the mysterious quest giver that kicks off the whole campaign (speaking from personal experience with that one XD).

And lastly, you don’t have to build a whole world right away (if doing a custom campaign), just make sure you have the most important parts of the campaign written down, leaving things that is unlikely to matter vague. If players ask about those things, you have several options for dealing with it, like quickly making something up, and noting that thing down for future reference, or if they are playing a dumb charcter, tell them that they would not know about those vague things (or require a skill check).

I think thats pretty much all the advice I can offer, hopefully it will be helpful.