TitanComplex text rpg

Hiya! It’s Akhara speaking, you might know me as an author of TitanComplex and several other flash games.

Right now I am working on a text-based spin-off in TC universe and developing several tools for rich text rpg experience - primarily it is simple language aimed to construct descriptions for characters, encounters and so on. Not sure if I deserve a separate board at this point, but definitely would like to have some corner for devlog and news.

So far the game is driven by rogue-like TUI, and it will be so until I finish the core and start working on web-frontend.

Plus, you can play around scripting language for contextual text generation here: http://titancomplex.ddns.net/. It is like shindanmaker on steriods

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So is your plan to use this post for the news, or would you like a sub board?

So far I guess, this thread will be more than enough - until I release a playable demo or scripting engine.

I can’t wait to play this!!!

Will there be female characters?

It’s a difficult question. It depends on if someone provide enough content for that to happen.


Do you know when you post the link for us to play? I can’t wait!

And if anything, I am willing to rid these bugs