Titlebait, maybe not?

Description on steam page as follow : “An enjoyable anime adventure game built around a mechanism of breast enlargement. No actual nudity, but plenty of fan service and …”

Here’s the link : Steam Curator: Ecchi Forever

Let’s find this game fellas.

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Omega Labyrinth Life on Steam (steampowered.com)

Not something I’m buying (My wallet hurts looking at that price…) but here you go

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Given what the other poster said about the price, here’s what I recommend:
Check the reviews, starting with the negatives first. You can learn a lot about a product’s quality by negative/1-2 star reviews. If there are NO such things on said product, that should be a red flag; no game is universally loved or to everyone’s taste, we’ve all got something called preferences.
If it lacks negative reviews, it’s either not very popular, or said reviews are being HEAVILY doctored/censored to give a better rating.
With positive reviews, go over those with a fine-toothed comb and pay close attention to the wording and format; this once again ties into doctored reviews, as they can have a certain… feel to them. If they’re either overly praising or lack any “cons” stated about the game, than it’s very likely either a bot or someone doing a favor for the developer.

I do enjoy this game on Switch

Ok, I’ve played this game through and through and I like it quite a lot. Theres a bunch of breast expansion, pretty satisfying too BUT a few complaints:

  • feels a bit grindy
  • story and character are way too stereotyped (the entire game is, doesnt’ mean its a bad thing just means you have to like that kind of thing)
  • there’s actually only like 4-5 breast sizes reflected in image form