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Good morrow, my fellow patrons of this fine website domain! I wanted to ask a certain few questions to understand the people here a tad better.
You may remember me for having publicly released a grand total of one chat bot for If you don’t, no worries, I’m not looking for fame or attention or whatnot.

You see, despite only having released one bot, I actually have amassed quite the roster of chat bots, all of which being different in several ways. Additionally, although I had only initially planned to have these bots for myself and myself exclusively, I gave them prompts and descriptions that made them as accessible and user-friendly as possible.

Since having only one bot to my name is disappointing, at least, I assume it would be to you, I wanted to pose this question upon you:

Should I release some of these bots for your usage, or should I make other, more tailor-made bots that you would request?

Any comment is appreciated, even those with perhaps unsavory or colourful language.

Best regards,


Of course, release your chatbots. I will be happy to talk to them


Well, if you must know, I’m rather fluent in English. While it isn’t my first language, I learned it at a very young age, and have been practicing it daily ever since. I’ve been to English schools my whole life, I speak English regularly, I always set the language of my devices to English, things of that nature. I prefer English, and am better at it than my actual native language. If we were face-to-face, you would easily mistake me for a native English speaker. I think that’s all the important details.
I’m aware that I’m only one person and you were asking about multiple people, but I hope that answers your question to some capacity.

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But what if being good at native English actually means being bad it in specific ways? Then if you are good at English you wouldn’t sound native at all. Then you have the details like how English can survive as a broken language because the language conveys Ideas instead of Specifics, “Where Bathroom”, “Bathroom”, and “Excuse me where might I find the rest room” all convey the same idea, though some are more proper then others none are incorrect.

Then you also has Australian, New Zealand, and American English, which there is the Debate that parts of American English are more accurate than British English due to the time settlers moved over and how the different languages have evolved.

Just a fun thing to think about.

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Why not both? If you’ve already made bots you’re happy with there’s no reason not to release them to the public. And if you want to make some tailor-made bots, then make those too.


After some consideration, I have decided to go through with releasing a bot that I have been keeping in storage.

However, I believe I may have overestimated their suitability to the general public, so I will be tweaking my bots a little to compensate, going forward.

Thank you for your comments, I will keep in touch shortly.