To Fall In Love With A Vending Machine

Ernest thinks he’s going to have yet another boring day in his work life until he encounters a very nice sentient vending machine that wins him over.

A love story of my 2 OC’s Ernest and Unit 433 and how they both met and fell in love.

Get it here: To Fall In Love With A Vending Machine by Axxisproductions (

(Had this in dev for about 3 weeks of spare time and this is the result I hope you guys enjoy :slight_smile: )


Kinda a coincidence that the Isekai vending machine anime just started airing.

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I’ll have to check that out, also what did you think of the VN?

hahahah this is so dumb

Updated the game so it is now playable in browser, feel free to enjoy it on your phone or on browser :slight_smile: