Today's Topic: An Upcoming Origins Model Pack

Can’t wait for the release, these custom models would be really fun lol; use the Pehkui mod to scale the hitbox accordingly and boom, chubby origins girl can only fit in 2x2 spaces

I plan to have those already set in with the models. But hey, I’m posting the .CPMProject files themselves, so when everything is said n’ done, go nuts.

Holy crap, this mod is looking super interesting!

Where can I get the models?

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i think they will release them when all of them are done

correct! just got distracted by other things, but my animating skills have improved, and i’ve been wanting to touch up some of the models Me and my friend have already finished

One question will you be posting the model here?

Yep, that’s the plan. and on another site I sometimes post too, as well.

honestly I cant wait for these models to be released