Toss the Turtle-esq "launcher" game w/ fat or inflation elements

For awhile, I’ve been wanting to try my hands at creating an simple arcade-like game. Something that’s easy to pick up and play while saving progress. That and something that incoperates fetish elements.

Which is why I whipped this design document. If you’re familiar with games like Toss the Turtle or Nanaca Crash, you already have a good understanding of how this game will play. The only exception is that the character that is unfortunate to be launched into the sky will be the one that will have fetish stuff happen to them. How so? You’ll just have to read the design document. :wink:

If you’re curious about me and my work, I’ve been doing art for many years now and do my best to improve. I was the one that helped work on the sci-fi visual novel Space Lancer Haya for the 2020 game jam. I was the head of the art, character design, and general story and scenario. I also have a FurAffinity account as well as a Twitter.

For this project, I am looking for someone who specializes in programming. While I’m willing to learn some of the programming aspects, unfortunately I am not skilled enough to do it entirely on my own. Which is why I am willing to do anything to make up for it. That in whoever works with me will have a chance to collaborate on specific aspects like the theme and style of the game.

Here’s the design document I made. It mostly covers the gameplay side of things. It’s basically about studying similar games and tinkering with certain stuff: Design document - Google Docs


this looks interesting, it looks like it’s going to be good

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Yeah, I’m just hoping that I’m able to find someone who’s willing to help program for me.

well i hope you can get it but if you want i can help you

Oh? What do you mean? What are your skills?

Well, I know how to make the characters walk or run. Basically, the basics of a character. I’m a little bad at gaining weight. When it comes to sprites, I’m good at making them.

I will start off with the great quote “games are a fractal of problems”. For as simple as this concept looks, it will not be.
But I’m a bit bored so I’m willing to take up the challenge.
I have experience making games in unity and Godot (a bit of unreal too).
If you want to interview, dm me. Or if you’d like to progress I would say to make some space for communication (discord/ devops (project management tool, etc.)

I like the ideas you have here. But they seem to be pretty solely focused on inflation stuff. And I really hope that you branch out a bit from that.
I have some general gameplay ideas, ones that could be applied to either fat or inflation if you got creative; some RPG elements. By that I mean differing builds for each character (or maybe multiple possible builds for one character. Like for example, having to unlock the ability to inflate mid flight, granting the player increased air control. You could have different in-flight goals for different fetishes. Inflation being total height, and for fat it could be total distance. Being fat would reduce air control but increase inertia, meaning you fly farther from the same angle and power settings. I also like the idea of having objectives for the player to pursue In flight. Something like a p-balloon for the inflatee, and food for the fatty. getting these pick ups would be like XP for the character and collecting enough of them allows you to pick a new upgrade for your build.

I’m taking a lot of these ideas from this one launcher type game whos name currently escapes me, but the main objective was to build a rocket and fly it as high up in the air as possible. It was by far the most engaging “launcher” game I’ve played, so it may be worth looking into if you need more ideas for mechanics. If I can remember what it was called, at least…

I’m looking forward to seeing where this game goes, and by the looks of it, it does seem like its going!


Oh, I can easily either change it to focus on fat stuff or include it alongside inflation. I just wanted to start out simple.

I do like the ideas you’ve mentioned, though. Like, either one being geared towards distance and the other being height. As well as getting pick-ups for XP. Hopefully you don’t mind if I implement some of these into the game?

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I dont mind at all! I wouldnt have shared them here if I didnt want them to be used.

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