Total Conversion Belly Mod initial release (v1-0-0 publically available now as of 4/1/21!)

It’s here. I did an update.

Before i get started a few important things to get out of the way.

This is not compatible with any other currently available mods. And i will not work to make them compatible.

This is a very barebones release. An initial release you might say. Do not complain to me about a lack of content. It’s coming.

So what is in this mod you ask?

This is a total conversion mod. I have deleted most of the content, and a large portion of the non hardcoded code.

The majority of significant changes are in the background

  • Weight gain has been completely reworked, with new body parts added for you to fatten.

  • instead of gaining or losing weight or size every hour, it’s done at one hour. this simplifies the math, fixes a long standing bug, and should make most of the game a bit quicker. Lots of people like stuffing, so it’s easier to have a character walk around stuffed all day.

  • weight gain is now more mathematically realistic. You eat 3500 calories over what you need for the day, you gain a pound.

  • EDIT: There is a certain conceit about the weight gain in the mod - the base weight/size of characters doesn’t change (that’s when fat is at zero all over). Additionally, i assume that the Proxies are eating exactly enough to maintain their weight. In the next release this is only true of their base size and weight and extra fat above that incurs daily calorie requirements.

  • I’ve implemented weight gain in a way that everyone’s proportions should be different.

  • I’ve added a long requested fluff feature > a descriptive difference between round bellies and double bellies<

  • I’ve re done the math that calculates sizes of body parts and added new body parts. Butts, arms, legs, back, and love handles are now all fattenable and described.

  • There is no more vomiting. Now when you are too full to eat more, you just cannot eat the item. I haven’t figured out a good way to give guaranteed and immediately noticeable, real time feedback on stomach contents, so you just can’t eat beyond being super stuffed.

  • Gameplay changes

  • Combat is gone and will not be coming back. I cannot think of a way to implement it in a way that is desirable to interact with, isn’t amazingly convoluted, and/or fits with the new theme.

  • I want there to be less spam clicking, so I’m trying to handle jobs in larger time blocks.

  • While currency is still called coins for hardcoded reasons, I’ve rebalanced it to around somewhere like the American dollar.

  • There are currently only two ways to make money - a job picking mushrooms at an agricultural startup and an open poll at a stripper place.

  • there are a bunch of places to buy new foods

  • One of my goals is to have a sort of house upgrade meta game to give you an incentive to make and spend money. Right now this only manifests as the ability to buy a scale and measuring tape at the supermarket.

  • I have a help function right as you upload your mind to proxies. It gives a little run down of some of the mechanics. But it also contains and options menu

  • I plan on having difficulty options included in the game. Right now I have two - a base wage setting, and a calorie multiplier.

  • I intend to the jobs to give money based on a multiplier of the base wage in the game. you can set this base wage to be higher or lower.

  • the calorie multiplier multiplies the calories in food by the chosen multiplier.

  • I have remade the world and setting.

  • The setting is now a Sci-Fi instead of post apocalyptic fantasy. Its set 20 years in the future of an alternate universe earth where things are a lot better generally. It is the same setting as my story series, but 20 years in the future: Kelri's Gain Part 1: Get Stuffed by Juxtaterrestrial on DeviantArt

  • The general premise is the same you the player have died and have to upload you mind to another person. Instead this time, it’s all Sci-Fi. Somehow a recording of your brain was saved before you died years ago. A researcher is using you as a project on how to take care of digitally uploaded minds. The premise is that to stay sane you need to upload you mind to hardware in someone’s head to experience real authentic human sensations. hence the management elements.

  • The engine’s mechanics are reframed. Your proxies are willing participants who are paid for their involvement. No more talk of masters or questionably consensual sexual relations. While I don’t expand on it yet, i figure the people have signed up for the opportunity to experience truly unique things and so are willing to engage in sexual and body modification type things.
    -The whole map is different. It’s pretty big. Its largely only decorative, with even some stub text remaining. But I wanted to create a whole map from the start so the city didn’t develop by just gloming parts as updates required.

  • On the whole, I’ve tried to make sure the writing is concise and reasonable interesting. If you find any spelling or grammar issues let me know and I’ll fix them.

  • The following systems are no longer present, pending ground up remake.

  • Sex: When i remake sex i want it to be a two way affair instead of you just pleasing the other person.

  • Feeding: With all the system changes I’m making, this will need to be remade.

  • Pregnancy. The code is still there, but since there is no sex, there is no babies.

  • Lactation: the code is still there, just not utilized yet.

  • Personality: The proxies do not talk at all yet. I have big plans to make that cool.

you can read about my plans, my reasoning, and in pending updates here: Juxtaterrestrial's Total Belly Conversion Mod Devblog (v1-1-0 and earlier) - #62 by Juxtaterrestrial

Patrons got this update last month: Juxtaterrestrial is creating Belly focused fetish text | Patreon

This is meant to work with version 0.985e of Fetishmaster. Get it here: Text hentai game Fetish Master: Download normal version

Get the update here: Total Conversion Belly Mod by Juxtaterrestrial v1-0-0

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Oooh, exciting stuff! Can’t wait to try it out!


Good work! As a few suggestions maybe:

  • Appearance permanent below stats instead of a window
  • Arms start out as chubby, even when underweight
  • weight descriptor does not match body part descriptions (e.g. underweight but all body parts are described as chubby+)
  • option for metric

This is great, I’ve been looking forward to this! I’m glad you got rid of the slaving backstory, it always undercut the experience for me since the slave mechanics only seemed to serve as an easy out for writing without regard for the implications. It’s cool to see how you’re connecting everything to one shared universe, I haven’t followed all of your series, but it’s cool to see the references (Myre’s Ice Cream being the most obvious).

While the map is huge and will take some time to get used to, I’m glad that in almost every zone, the first option is always leading back to your house, that way if you get lost, you can just spam there for a few clicks and end up back home.

When working, I appreciate that you specify that the money is split between you and the worker, but I think the text could be a little more clear, since whatever number is displayed is what the player would expect in their inventory. You’re obviously a talented writer and can figure it out, but for picking mushrooms, something like “After your shift you are rewarded for your effort, your share is 40c, the other half goes into Proxy’s personal account, as per their contract.”

I know that one of the big reworks has been recalculating the body sizes, but I’m getting some larger-than-expected values with the tape measure. For a proxy of 67" and 122lbs, they’ve got a 39" waist, 55" hips, and 29" thighs. To me, these sizes would be more in line with someone that’s around 180-200lbs.

The writing and world building in place currently is good and the whole project is really promising. I’m eager to see what new adventures you have in store for us.


@Kitsune and @HellaGunz

Thanks for taking the time to play!

You both bring up measurement issues - and I hope that the changes I’ve made to how muscle is gained help clear up some of the weirdness. I think there will always be some amount of offness with the measurements because I’m doing the math off of spheres and cylinders. Hips especially since they include measurements from a bunch of body parts, but not the widest parts of those body parts.

Also the way i calculate the base size for hips is with a hip to waist ratio gene(so some people are more naturally hip heavy) so that could cause some of your measurement wonkyness if that value is especially high or low. Another thing that i will add to the original post is that i assume a basic size with minimal fat and muscle. You can’t loose weight less than that, so if there is something wrong with the bases size then it will always be present. I should mention that in the OP as well.

I’ll have to give it some thought if i can do more to fix it than has already been done.


Also, i do have in mind a metric toggle, but it’s a sort of stretch goal, and wouldn’t be switchable easy everywhere (like buttons for example). But it is in my mind as a possibility

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@HellaGunz and @Kitsune for v1-1-0 I’ve re done some of the measurements, but i just now fixed a bug that was throwing off the waist and hips measurements. to get the circumference i was using the formula Tau * radius, but with the actual math i was doing Tau times diameter. So that was throwing the math off. And i just fixed that. I also re did all the descriptions to account for muscle/fat ratios so there should be no more chubby skinny arms and stuff. I don’t know if the descriptions are better but they’re more detailed now.


Download link has been added to the original post. Enjoy!