Total Re-fat Update 0.215 Spanish Version

Total Re-fat is made by Tipouno.
The untranslated version for anyone interested in playing the game in Spanish or translating it for themselves is here.

*The machine-translated version has been removed due to various bugs.


it did, equipment and the techniques are unable to be used and thus can’t pass the tutorial battle.

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So if you talk with the green hair girl after your firts mission the game crashes

I think you misunderstood, you didn’t have to publish it, you had to send it back to me to finish making the adaptation, I use plugins that have to be translated by hand and adapt several things, don’t go with this version


I will try to upload the full translated version this Saturday, please be patient.


I would suggest messaging a moderator or someone on the admin staff if you would like this to be removed. Since this was clearly published without your permission.

I have already informed the person, and please do not download it, things like missions and others are not translated since I use several plugins