Total War Shogun 2, Fall of the Samurai mod idea

So me and a pal of mine were playing FOTS together, when we started joking around about the “likes his food” and “really likes his food” traits for the generals. But then we thought, “what if Geisha could get those traits?” So now I’m wondering if it’s possible to mod something like that in? And maybe modify the trait for Geisha to read “likes HER food” and maybe add a +1/+2 morale effect on top of the movement penalty.
I’m not much of a modder, so I figured I should ask the community for assistance


Definitely possible. I don’t only understand the reason for such mod in that game, since you rarely interact any way with characters traits.

Yeah, it’s a minor thing but we just thought it’d be funny lol.

The trait thing itself is pretty easy, but the process of analyzing the game files to find where to implement this is pretty time-consuming especially if you have no experience with modding TW games.
And since traits are random, modder will have to spend additional time to play through the game to check if trait works properly.

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