Tower Of Heaven, 2.5 years of runtime, Floor 9 and Halloween Event Live

Tower of Heaven is a fantasy fetish rp server, supporting weight gain and inflation as its main themes, but allowing for many other kinks and very freeform rp with few restrictions. The server has over 1K members and has been active for over 2 years, being the largest dedicated fetish rp server out there. It’s community is very welcoming, allowing for a more friendly environment, rather than the pure horniness found in other fetish servers, we’ve got a lovely, thriving community here!

As for the rp world itself, it takes place within a giant, mysterious tower, with each floor being its own miniature world, different from each other and full of their own locations, and plenty of space for you to make up your own adventures within the mysterious walls of the sky-piercing monolith. Currently, Floor 9 is the highest floor, and soon the double digits will be broken and a new plot arc will begin. Speaking of arc, ToH very much encourages long term character interaction and development, so if you enjoy having a character become a meaningful part of a changing world rather than a cutout for quick one and done rps, then this is the place! We have systems in place for character progression as well to reward those that stick around for a while.

And of course, with Halloween right around the corner, the Nightmare Festival is live, a celebration of the Tower’s dream and nightmare worlds, something we put a good amount of effort into to run, so come join in on the Nightmarish fun and get yourself acquainted with the wacky, whimsical and welcoming community!

And of course… May Heaven Grant you Fortune

p.s. now with an actual invite because I’m just really smart aren’t I


This was running longer than I expected!

sounds cool, where can i get an invite?

added the invite now, sorry about that, can’t believe I missed it lol

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Perhaps a bit of a skill issue.

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