Tower Of Heaven: a better ad and almost a year of runtime.

I saw the traveler make his way toward the monolith,
that thin gash amidst the clouds: an open seam between Heaven and Earth,
that eluded the eye of God.
Or perhaps it had not; perhaps it beckoned from one realm to the other, wedded and ruled as one.
For look how clean it splits the horizon 'twain,
A Tower of Heaven.
-Journal of an unknown traveler

Hello! I am the owner of ToH, and I’ve come to you with a remodeled ad. We’ve gotten some of out best people from weight gaming, and I’d like to make a better ad that encompasses all that ToH has become over the better part of a year. Weight gain is still the main kink, but inflation is now officially included with it’s own stat for the rp, and a lot more kinks are welcome as well. Tower of Heaven itself is a fantasy rp, taking place in a mysterious, giant tower of 100 floors that has existed there since the dawn of mankind. It is a place of many mysteries, but most important, a place of widened waists~. Many of the tricks, traps and monsters here have a certain tendency to plump you up, and that is one of the mysteries of this monolith! Come make friends or enemies, visit a variety of dungeons or set up your own adventures and story-lines for your character arcs. The world of ToH evolves with players, as they pave the lore with their interactions with the tower and their people. So come join us, and happy climbing~

P.S. credit to @Goodlew for the image, ToH wouldn’t be the same without that plant lizard


Can confirm that it’s a pretty neat place - so far I’ve been actively RPing there for a couple months already. The RP itself is pretty freeform and we’re open for a lot of suggestions!
There’s quite a couple active players in the server already with a wide arrangement of interesting characters, so I’m sure everyone will find something (or someone) they like!

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As I posted on the last post, this is my first RP server. I am very glad I found it, the community is friendly, rules and mechanics interesting yet non-complex and the quality of RP is surprisingly high. This is, of course, a kink server. I was very surprised at the willingness of GM’s to cater to player wishes and even the existence of purely non-kink content. So with this embarrassingly long review, I have to recommend the server to anyone curious enough to try it. As I did that and was pleasantly surprised.


I joined this server about two days ago, and I fucking love it. Everyone is so welcoming, and it’s absolutely playing to my wg fantasies. The RP is fantastic here and very engaging, and I cannot get enough of it. If you wanted to roleplay stuffing someone, or getting stuffed, or really anything in between, I think this is at least worth taking a look at. Huge fan already <3


the bump has arrived



A little update: We just started a Lizard-Con, a festival for all scaled creatures!
Come join the fun and RP out fun contests, such Pats Per Minute, Jiggle Jam, Federic’s Feast, Bouncy Castle and many more! More details in the server, at #toh-updates channel.

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Totally not a bump. We’re almost at 600 members!

Lil bump and…

We’re looking for some creative peeps who would help us DM some adventures!
Of course, such people get extra privileges and a fancy, colored role.

(warning: This requires more than 5 minutes of reading the rules lol)


As an introvert I suck at roleplaying and all. Does the combat and all that is done by a bot? or pure roleplay human-to-human?

I can try doing slight rp from time to time (ex: I bump into someone), but I’m very shy when it comes to a “full-time” roleplay lol

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There are rules as how the combat goes, but it is done human-to-human, unless you need to roll some dice to decide thee outcome.

There are the GMs to make encounters most of the time, so it is more human-to-storyteller.
Also RPs can be done “full time” or just short term, really depends on who you RP with, as some prefer full time, some don’t.
I, with my totally objective opinion, recommend checking the server out to see how it goes, and if you would like to participate.

There is also a newer ad here: Tower of Heaven: Expansion RP server has 600 members!
If you want to check out some of the debate that was done on the rulebooks and all.