Tracking down an old program

Back before the existence of this forum, like probably from the yahoo groups era, there was a “game”.
It was text only and would generate an expansion scene based on the character name(s) you would input, along with the type of expansion. I think the premise was aliens/UFOs invading and causing fetishy mischief?

Does this sound familiar to anyone? It’s probably bland by today’s standards but the nostalgia itch is real.

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kind of sounds like , but I don’t know if you’d still be able to find the one you’re talking about

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This is still around?! Thanks for bringing it back up, it certainly fits the timeline (if I remember correctly, Shindanmaker came around in 2010?)

Nope, it was a downloaded executable, and even older than 2010-ish if my terrible memory is correct.

I really wish I had more details to narrow it down.