Tracy's College Experience

Hey y’all I just made this text adventure that I hope you all like. This game is very inspired by “Sarah goes to college” and “Kate’s Uni days”. This game is more text based, than movement based however(It would’ve been very similar, but I suck at coding). Nevertheless, I tried to add player choice as best I could. Only part of year 1 is complete for now, but I plan on updating the game as often as I can. This is my first time writing anything like this, so I’m open for some feedback. Tracy's College Experience - Play online at


This is really good so far! I hope you continue or even better finish it some day. Good job! :+1:t2:

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Great game so far! Really enjoyed it! If you ever need help then I would gladly offer a hand, but fantastic work so far.

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This a good start to a really good game, just simple choices to see how far the MC lets themselves go couldn’t ask for more of a simple concept at least better than interactives, i like them but god how often i would have to wait to access the part choice/part of the story…

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It’s a great game! Seeing the different options change things is quite fun.
On that note, picking the max. weight options and track gives you the Summary for as if you’d taken track before going home.

On another note, it’s a bid sad that the others don’t seem to change with your choices. Having Julia eat all the pizza does not affect her, Amber doesn’t change no matter what and Naomi is also static. It would be quite nice if they were also affected by your actions.


Keep up the good work, I like this kind of games that go straight to the point :blush:

Question: is the weight of all the characters (Tracy included) dynamic/changes based on the different choices or is it set to a fixed amount based on the particular combination of choices you selected?

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A good start, hope to see some more of this in time.

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fun game :slight_smile: if you want any ideas where to go to make it different from the original game i have some if you wanna hear

ya i hate that about that site lol so much i wanna read but i hate waitin lol


I believe I chose the track club, yet at some point the game decided I’d actually joined the cooking club instead?