Translation Support Added to Weight Gaming!

So if you comes across a post that is not in your set language you will now notice there is a small icon now near the reply button that looks like a globe.

This icon is the translation icon. Clicking it will take the post and translate it into the language you have set in your user preferences, then display it under the original.

We hope that this little plugin will help not only bring more non-English speaking users into the site, but help reduce any communication barriers between our users. This system, as nice as it is, comes with some caveats though.

  1. For the translations we are using Microsoft’s Azure translation services. This service is nice as it is free to use but it is only free up to 2 million characters per month. We should be fine with this limit but if we ever do breach it the plugin will stop working till the next month.

  2. The plugin is dependent on the interface language that is set under each users preferences. To set this you just got to your user profile → Preferences → Interface then select the Interface language you wish to use. Discourse will the automatically apply the correct translations to all non-post text and the plugin will now allow you to now translate all posts that are not in the selected language.

We hope that this plugin will prove to be very useful, and allow for more lovers of fat, weight gain, expansion, and transformation related games to join us from around the world!