/trash/chat and developed ruleset

MirrorG here, the DM for the guys down at 4chan’s /trash/, the original creators of Nirulea.
Just dropping by to say that over the last 5 months or so, we’ve made a lot of changes and developments to the game.
Therefore, I felt it would be nice to share the up to date rules sheet with you guys.

^ Is the info-sheet, it’s open for anyone to edit, though please stick to simply putting in suggestions!

^Is the official Nirulea discord server. Feel free to drop by anytime!
Also feel free to drop by on Saturday evenings (EST), as that’s when our chat hosts our sessions of the game together.
If you miss a game, don’t worry! On the info-sheet has a tab on it containing transcripts of all our past games. It’s usually updated no more than 10 minutes after the end of a session.

That said, I’m looking forward to chatting with / hosting for you guys!

Has the chat died? Or has it just moved to somewhere else?

Most people have migrated from the chatstep room to the discord room, you can get there via this link: Discord
Though that link will only work for one day, message me if it expires and you still want to join.

I would also like to check out the chat room if that’s alright

That’s completely alright!
Let me post another 24 hour link for you, it’s the longest I can make it last.
If you have a discord already, I could friend you and invite you to the server that way, I suppose.