Tribal growth

@HebiFuel Its was because asking for updates or if a project is still active is against forum rules. It would have been ok if you just asked if some one had a valid link but since you asked if it was active we had to remove it.

We do this to prevent unnecessary harassment of devs or users claiming a project is dead when they are not involved with it.


Figured as much. Kinda figured it might be okay, since a broken link seems like reasonable cause to ask about the status of a project.
Imo I never liked that policy, but I understand that… well, even in situations where it might be appropriate or acceptable for one person to ask, that doesn’t really outweigh the downside of having threads flooded with people constantly asking for updates and drowning-out actual discussion.

In any case, no argument from me. Wouldn’t mind an explanation on how to revise a hidden post, since the notification that I got seemed to indicate that you could do that, but this is also hardly the place for that kind of discussion. Frankly, I’m tempted to not even post this because it’s completely off-topic in this thread, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t yammer-on pointlessly about shit. Will gladly delete this post if asked to, of course.


Hello, I appreciate the interest.
I think my Textadventures account was deleted, and so the game is either unpublished or deleted as well.

I’m not sure if you’re new or nostalgic, but there was only 1-2 images, descriptions and some empty-ish rooms, so no gameplay at all. Here’s everything:

On the bright side, I am currently working on a test project on RPG Maker MV, and my art commissions are cheap. I might or might not come back to Tribal growth some day, depending on how the test project goes.


This link don’t work no more