Tribal growth

Hello everybody, long time lurker, I used to shitpost in Tainted Elysium’s discord and work in the Turris Puesco dev server (F).

I’m currently working on a game of my own using the textadventures engine (somehow couldn’t add the tag). I’ll be adding art of my own in it as well.

You’ll be able to play as a young girl in an amazon tribe, located in some tropical island, and have the choice between becoming a priestess (weight gain, how original!) or a guard (muscle growth), the former being about 70-80% of the planned content.


Quick fyi the text adventure tag is locked behind the video game tag so you got to add that first. I updated the tags for you though.


The concept sounds great to me!

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Agreed, though it might have been a wee bit early to post a link to the game, given there’s quite honestly nothing there yet, lol.

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Glad you like it!

Thanks as well, and you’re not wrong, I’ll be updating on sundays regardless.
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So look forward to tomorrow or next week, eh?

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Sunday update:

  • 1 new character.
  • 2 placeholder room images.
  • 2 useless items (for now).
  • 5 room descriptions.
  • Improved display.
  • A little dialogue with Seri.

You can expect much, much more next sunday, feel free to drop ideas and whatever.
I’m running a poll on the server too.


I can’t eat the big fish, when I try, it just say “ Error running script: Invalid attribute name ‘5’”

Well I did say it was an uteless item.

Oh, I didn’t realize that was one of them, and eating it seemed like what I was supposed to do

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is it possible to break the rock floor by the way? i tried it with the fourth state but it wasn’t enough. Also, a problem i noticed is that you can’t drop through floors, which can softlock you at certain points of the game, like the multiple bee cave.

Unless I’ve been playing a way less developed version of the game, I think this may have popped up on the wrong game thread.

I think he meant to reply in Hungry Elves, floors and caves sound interesting though.

Was this updated yesterday?

I am a little bit dumb rn but what do I need to do to start one of the ways at all?? I caught a big fish and none of the characters give me any quests or anything which leads to Muscle growth or weight gain…

I concur!
What am I supposed to do to begin a path?

I think the game is just that at the moment…

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hi, i’m from brazil and i found your project very interesting, anything you want question about brazil feel free to ask


I only have questions about the TextAdventures engine tbh, I think I gave up because I couldn’t figure out the points system. I guess I could come back to it.

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Dunno why my last post was hidden and I can’t figure out how to edit it, but I’ll try something a little cleaner since… well, link’s kinda broken. Or, rather, it goes to a broken page. I was still able to get to a working version of the game using The Wayback Machine, but you might want to have a look at that.