Tribal Hunter Kickstarter

We started Kickstarter campaign today!

If you want to support us but don’t want to use patreon, This is for you!
Also there are various rewards even join your character in game as NPC, please check the link below!


now Tribal hunter kickstarter project is reached over $12000 and unlocked second stretch goal. If you are interested in action platformer game and weight gaining mechanic, please consider joining funding. :blush:

link above!


I’m sure you have been asked before but now with the funding reached, do you plan on adding a female playable option? Maybe a purchasable skin for Munch much like how you can change his colour/style?

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I do get a lot of questions about adding player character. However, as you can assume by it’s body size changing mechanic, it’s really, really lot of work to make player character animation sprites. :sweat_smile:
It will be awesome to have more player character, but currently I got no plan for add another player character.
Maybe if this kickstarter get even more successful, one of future stretch goal can be it? but it’s difficult in current state.

and there are already option to change color, and with current stretch goal, there will be “Explorer Munch” costume as selectable.

hi Min I played Tribal Hunter bought it on Steam I really liked it and I would like to ask a couple of questions about it. If you don’t mind of course