Triple threat. A D&D Discord game

So, I’m running three D&D games on Discord. They all Homebew, Furry themed. If you up for WG, TF, NSFW, Vore, Heroes, and more. Just join them.

Who like’s D&D? and who likes Furry VN’s? If you said yes, then I got a Deal for ya. I MADE A D&D game server. If ya love the hit VN called: The pirate’s fate, then this game is for you: The Pirate's fate 2: Return of the coins (remade)

and if you love TF’s, Mind wipes, and corruption? Then this next game is for you~: Bimboootopia (Revamped)

And finally: Marvel getting you down? Try my Furry WG, Marvel game:

(And Oh, And here’s a bonus one: Tails of Equestria: Power ponies, the Slob beginning)

If ya join just to leave… just tell me why…

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