Troubles with Textadventures site.

Trying to enjoy some games on the site but they all randomly freeze up, forcing me to refresh and lose any unsaved progress. There any way to fix or mitigate this or is the site just unstable?

This issue is generally fixed by simply downloading the games you are playing, there should be a button for that if you scroll down the page. Not all of the games there have this, but most of the ones found on THIS site has one. Hope this comment helps.


I had a few issues with the site as well, and for whatever reason, my download of Quest simply refuses to work.

My fix was signing up for For whatever reason, that allows me to play the games without the random freezes.

I’ve resorted to just downloading the more finicky games. Being a member doesn’t seem to help me.

Yeah I also had to download, membership hasn’t really fixed anything.