Trying to find a game I accidentally removed

To make a long story short, while clearing up some space on my PC, I accidentaly removed a game that I liked to play and I forgot the name, so now I can’t find it again. :frowning:

I know I either found it here or in a short while ago. It was an rpg-maker game about two women, one getting a magic book that makes her absorb the size of her friend, leaving said friend small and in the middle of the woods. The friend (you) now have to escape, grow back up in size, and get revenge on your ex-friend by turning into a giantess which is the whole premise of the game.

If anyone remembers the name, or maybe even drop a link to the game, it would be highly appreciated as I would like the continue playing it. Thanks to anyone in advance and have a good day either way! :slight_smile:

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Growing Vengeance by NickSav?


That it is! Thank you so much! :smiley:
Here, you earned a cookie for your troubles lol :cookie:

thanks for chip. have great day.