trying to find a minecraft CPM model


ive been trying to find this model but havent really had any luck
i would really appreciate it if someone would help me with this!!


This is a model by a discord user I share a server with and he’s given me permission to link to it here.

Since I can’t actually upload the file directly to the forums, this is a link to that file from the discord.

Lemme know if it doesn’t work for some reason. discord is fucky with external requests for their content these days

:0!! thank you!! (yes the link did work)


If you can put it in a zip file I think you can upload it to the forums. I’ve done it before.

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The discord link isnt working.
Can i have the discord

there’s an active invite here on the forums somewhere I’m pretty sure. Just search the forums for “fatcraft” and that should get you to the thread where the server owner has a permanent invite