Trying to find an unusual combo of kinks in a game. (gross warning)

I know this is going to be very difficult to find given the fact that I’m looking for some pretty niche stuff, but I recently found out I’m into diapers. Preferably humanoid characters, abdl, weight gain, gas, messing, no gender preference. Male, female, and nonbinary are all good to me. No loli, that makes me uncomfortable personally. I don’t know if something like this exists, but if possible, I’d like a game with these kinks included.


Why is this tagged inflation?
Either way, I dunno if they contain ALL the stuff you want, but:
Flora & Sauna and Happy Heart Panic

Oh, I forgot to mention inflation in there. XD My brain has been all over the place tbh.

Not sure about these two. Happy Heart Panic might be closer. I think I’ll narrow it down to the few kinks that I 100% want in the game. Weight gain, diaper, messing. I’m not a furry, so Flora and Sauna wouldn’t quite do it for me. They’re cute, but more the cute pet, or baby kind of cute. I’m looking for “hot” cute. A normie example being “busty girl in playboy bunny suit”.

Flora & Sauna is an absolute monster of a fetish dump and it’s hard to play unless you’re into at least 80% of the included fetishes, which sucks 'cause you’ll get through 10 nasty turn-off scenes to get to the one you like unless you’re basically into everything. Dunno if it has the diapers you’re looking for anyway.

I’ve basically got nothing on diapers other than HHP, which I really only know because it came up in some inflation searches on a few sites (where I’d then learn it’s mostly about diapers and drop the game entirely.)

Realtalk though, diaper stuff is already rare as hell in inflation/expansion/WG across the board, judging by how few times I see it come up when I’m looking for inflation/expansion/WG content.
My outright assumption is that it simply doesn’t exist, especially in that combo, but I’ve been wrong before, and I’m sure I’ve memoryholed 99% of the game’s I’ve ever heard of that contain diapers.

Eh, that’s alright. Until one comes up, AI dungeon has me covered. It’s scuffed, but it works.