Trying to find the game "Chef's Challenge"

Good afternoon!

I’m trying to locate an older game that I played several years ago, but now cannot find anywhere online.

I am fairly certain it went by the name “Chef’s Challenge”. You played a chef that worked at a resort, trying to fatten up a green dragon that was staying there for a month. The goal was to fatten them up as much as you could within those 30 days, with different goal weights displaying the dragon slowly getting fatter as each day passes. You had to carefully pick foods, as the dragon would catch on if you just started immediately bombarding them with junk food, and ramp up the gains slowly to keep them unaware.

It looked fairly old; I believe it was made in an old version of Game Maker or some other similar very easy to use basic engine, as it was barely more than a point and click.

I initially found it on BBW-Chan many years ago, but the board has gone through several sets of hands since then, all of them erasing previous posts. Checking now, I can’t even find a thread for games. Even Google doesn’t seem to have any results for this, so I’m hoping that someone, somewhere, has a copy of this!

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You’re talking about the game I asked about recently. It’s in this thread. Pretty short thread, so easy to find.


Ah! Yes, that seems to be it! Thank you so much. I could have sworn it was Chef’s Challenge, not Chief Challenge, which I guess is why I could never find it, ahaha. Thank you!

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