Trying to make a DnD module for expansion fetishes along with a text adventure spin-off

I am currently trying to make a DnD module for expansion to be better than ExpanDnD. If anyone wants to help with ideas for the world and other thing then I would love it. I am also working on a Text Adventure that is set in the same world in a lost kingdom. I have some start to it but would love some help. Anything will be appreciated.

An expansion D&D text adventure game would be extremely my shit and its something I’ve wanted ever since I first stumbled across the BE D&D group on Deviantart.

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That’s good to hear. I need help with it. I would love if you wanted to add to the world I am making.

I wouldn’t mind helping as well. I don’t currently have as much free time as I want, but I’m a dab hand at worldbuilding, and I’m alright at balancing game mechanics.
…to clarify, I’m alright at balancing tabletop mechanics. I have absolutely no coding experience whatsoever.

Here’s a few questions to toss-out at you.

  1. What ruleset are you using? If so, which rules? 5th Edition D&D? Pathfinder 1 or 2? Other?
  2. Are you using an already-established world and expanding on it (pun intended) or are you making your own world?
  3. This this world focused on expansion/weight-gain first, or are you focusing on more traditional themes and adding expansion to it?

I’m much more familiar with Pathfinder rules than 5e D&D, although I knew a few things about it. Also, I prefer making the expansion mechanics and theme secondary or complementary to the main game. Making it the primary focus where it always comes up tends to get old rather quickly, at least for me. I also like to keep things a little more grounded in reality - thousand-pound barbarians waddling around town.fighting yet another cake golem.

And here’s a few helpful links for ya.
My own Obesity Rules for Pathfinder 1st Edition.
Xarian’s Rules

There’s several specialized Campaign-Creation tools available. World Anvil and City of Brass are two excellent ones, with a few more at the next link that I haven’t heard of. If you end up with a more complex project, something like these tools might be handy.
Campaign Creation Tools

Homebrewery is a nice site to make your rules/notes look like something out of an actual DnD book. It is a little hinky though, and if you’re not careful you can loose info on it (like having more than one person working on it simultaneously ) so you should use it more for a final product than a notepad while working.

Then of course there’s Google Docs/Sheets/Forms/etc. It’s easy to use and allows for multiple people to edit documents simultaneously. Great for simple collaboration, but if things get more complex, there might be better offerings like the specialized campaign tools I linked in the first link. Oh, and you do have to have a Google/gmail account to use their tools (easy to make though).

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