TTRPG Setting with Fat Elements

Felt like this thing would be a good fit for here, and I am looking for feedback, inspiration, and possibly critique. It’s a setting that could be used for any of your next TTRPG games set on a distant planet where monsters are fat and gassy, all humans are futa, and fantasy meets sci-fi. I apologize for the repeat topic, as I am doing my best to make this project visible.

If I must delete one Topic or the other I will, I simply need exposure as I am hoping to put as much as I can into it.


Mixture of fantasy and sci-fi societies



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hi can i make use some of this idea to make my game is that okay ?

Yes please! Do be sure to credit me of course! Anything you would like clarification on?

Here’s the full thing in case you don’t want to click on a link.

Fatagass, its Races, and the Celestial Bodies

What is Fatagass?

Fatagass is a large, rocky planet with topography and biomes that are not dissimilar to Earth. It’s gravity is similar to Earth’s despite being almost three times the surface area. It orbits around a yellow sun and is orbited by a moon which has its own moon. Fatagass is inhabited by a variety of races, typically under the umbrellas of human, monster, fey, and elemental. The two official languages of Fatagass are Western Common (basically exactly English) and Eastern Common (basically exactly Japanese).

What is Humaldi?

Humaldi is the moon that orbits Fatagass. It is of near identical size to the Earth and of similar gravity. It’s notable for having a breathable atmosphere and being inhabited by humans. Old records state that it’s apparently the homeworld of humanity. Its own moon, Luno, is an ordinary moon that supports no atmosphere of its own. The official language of Humaldi is “Maljuna-Homo” (Pretty much exactly Esperanto)

What are the races?

The races of the planet Fatagass and Humaldi are varied and often fall under four different umbrellas:

  1. Humans - A mono-gendered race originating from the Humaldi moon, humans are all females who have hermaphroditism. They are a scientifically driven race who seek to understand the natural world and progress for progress’ sake. You can tell which planet a human comes from by their skin tones. Humans from Fatagass are various shades of pink and brown, and humans from Humaldi are various shades of blue.
  2. Monsters - A dual-gendered race native to Fatagass, and apparently the inspiration for the planet’s name. This umbrella covers things like dragons, ogres, anthros, and anything else you can think of that’s typically thought of as a monster. (This does not include things like vampires, zombies, or other cursed humans and fey.) Curiously also includes most of the normal animals. As a rule, all monsters are obese, horny nudists who fart and burp profusely. If you wish to fuck a monster, it’s standard practice to go through the “James Kirk Test”: If it can speak in intelligent language and is of consenting age, you can fuck it. When a monster is fucked by a non monster, it produces gold, a curious magical phenomenon still being studied by humans.
  3. Fey - A dual-gendered race also native to Fatagass. This includes elves, merfolk, pixies, gnomes, and other such magical creatures. Unlike monsters, fey are very thin, prudish folk of well manners. They study magic as their preferred means of understanding the natural world, and follow a general traditionalist mindset with minimal desire for progress. The primary exception to this rule are demons, goblins, and trolls.
  4. Elementals - Genderless manifestations of the classical elements such as fire, metal, wood, earth, and water.

General Societal Information

Fatagass society-wise resembles a standard fantasy setting similar to Dungeons & Dragons or World of Warcraft. In contrast, Humaldi better resembles a cyber tech world that resembles Star Wars/Trek or Cyberpunk 2077.

Much of Fatagass is divided into kingdoms or empires typically run by one or two races. There’s all manner of cults and religious factions, the most widespread spanning whole continents. Humaldi is run by a singular government in contrast.

Noteworthy Kingdoms and Empires

  • Bluchee Kingdom - A small human kingdom known for its cheese artisans. Often cited as the home of a legendary hero in times of old. Its ruler is Queen Celeste Fromage.
  • Breaden Empire - The largest human empire and the human capital of Fatagass. Houses the Humaldi Embassy in the imperial city of Panem. Its current ruler, decided by democratic vote, is Empress Julia Highright.
  • Brapple Kingdom - A large monster kingdom known for its farting competitions and recreational combat dungeons. Cited as one of the smelliest places on the planet. Its figurehead ruler changes based on the winner of the biggest farting contest, but is actually ruled by a parliamentary body.
  • Belchu Empire - The largest monster empire, run by a dragon as old as the planet itself. Considered the pinnacle of high monster society for its wealth and surprisingly its dignity. The dragon who runs it is called Emperor Goldnoble.
  • Sapphire Kingdom - A fey kingdom known for its sparkling waters and beaches. A melting pot of the fun loving fey creatures. Its ruler is mermaid Queen Saphina Blue.
  • Mythril Empire - The fey capital of Fatagass, home to the Primordial Magic Crystal. The general phrase used to describe its inhabitants is “stuffy shirt”. Its ruler is elf Emperor Salron Greenbark.
  • Brimstone Empire - The demon capital of Fatagass, found underground. A topsy-turvy place typically regarded as the diametric opposite of Mythril. Its ruler is tiefling Emperor Bloodburn
  • Sushi Dynasty - An eastern human kingdom known for its proud warriors and enchanted hot springs. The samurai of this kingdom are considered the best of the best in terms of katana knife fighting. Its ruler is Shogun Minamoto Sakura.
  • Buubuu Dynasty - An eastern monster kingdom currently engaged in a He-Gassen Civil War. Otherwise known for its peach orchards and majestic mountains. The leaders of the war are dragon Orochi and oni Yama.
  • Kinzoku Dynasty - The fey capital of the eastern world known for its meditation sports. Often called the spiritual center of the universe. Its ruler is pixie Shogun Katakawa Yoshi.
  • The Grand Humaldi Empire - The official government of Humaldi, which encompasses the entire moon. Outwardly totalitarian, but otherwise a surprisingly fair and just system of power. Its ruler is God Empress Titania Whitelion.

Notable Religions and Lifestyles

  • Divinitism - A primarily human monotheistic religion devoted to peace, tranquility, and moral fiber. Originating from Humaldi, the moon dwellers once waged holy wars in the name of the Divine Church its ancient history. Now the source of most human holidays and the foundations of being a morally upright person. (Basically an idealistic view of Christianity, minus most of the negative aspects.)
  • Monstrology - The name of the monster lifestyle practiced by most all monsters and even a few non-monsters. The core tenants of Monstrology are “Eat, Fart, be Merry”. Good natured hedonism is the name of the game, and those who follow this lifestyle try to embody this to some capacity.
  • The Natural Order - A primarily fey polytheistic religion devoted to the cultivation of nature and connection to its power. Most druids on Fatagass devoted themselves to the teachings of the Gods and seek to follow their commandments. The Elementals are believed to be embodiments of the Gods.
  • Felism - The Demon Religion and lifestyle. Mmm-hmm. Not much else I can add.

On Slaying Monsters and Gold Economics

Whether you are a man, a woman, or a futa, for a fey or human to have sex with monsters is a very common concept. The act of a fey or human having sex with a monster is called “slaying”. “Slain” monsters will produce gold from the used orifice sometime after the activity, usually a few minutes. This process is a magical curiosity still being studied by human scientists, and is often described as “something akin to an alchemist’s wet dream”. The chemical process is currently unknown, but a conversion rate has been discovered:

1 fluid ounce semen and/or vaginal fluid produces 1 troy pound of 24K gold.

The economy of Fatagass is based on troy weight measurements; 12 ounces to a pound. When you purchase a loaf of bread for example, the baker may ask for two ounces of gold in exchange. Of course, when monsters can potentially provide infinite gold, how do you prevent economic inflation? The solution is to remove gold from the economy by giving it to a dragon to hoard for virtually forever. Monthly, tax collectors will obtain a certain amount of gold in their dragon’s name in order to keep the trade value of gold from going down. A tax collection team usually consists of a cat anthro and two kobolds. The cat is the main face of the operation, while the kobolds sniff out tax evaders.

Examples of Specific Species of Monsters

  • Ogre - Typically dimwitted species of primitive brutes. Known to smash things indiscriminately. Can offer consent.
  • Cyclops - A territorial brute with one eye and poor depth perception. Often tends to livestock. Can offer consent.
  • Oni - The eastern equivalent to ogres. Far more smart when compared to their western contemporaries. Can offer consent.
  • Kobold - Smallish lizard folk related to dragons. Typically either rogues or mages with elemental breath. Can offer consent.
  • Naga - Cruel snake creatures with arms and frills. Typically found near bodies of water. Can offer consent.
  • Horse Feral - A riding animal bred by intelligent races. Praised for its strength and versatility. Cannot offer consent like their anthro contemporaries.
  • Boar Feral - An animal bred for livestock by intelligent races. Where pork comes from. Cannot offer consent like their anthro contemporaries.
  • Bovine Feral - An animal bred for livestock by intelligent races. Where beef and dairy products come from. Cannot offer consent like their anthro contemporaries.
  • Fox Anthro - A cunning trickster studied in illusion magic. Up to do wild things with others. Can offer consent, unlike the feral counterpart.
  • Rabbit Anthro - A kindly monster with a welcoming aura. Really good at multiplication ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Can offer consent, unlike the feral counterpart.
  • Dog Anthro - Domestic monsters who live with humans or fey. Always ready to lend a helping paw and quick to apologize for their gas. Can offer consent, unlike the feral counterpart.
  • Cat Anthro - Money-minded sluts with attitude problems. They’re either lazy or they’re full of beans! Can offer consent, unlike the feral counterpart.
  • Gator Anthro - Rough skinned marauders and pirates. Tend to be rude and crude. Can offer consent, unlike the feral counterpart.
  • Dragon - The royalty of monsters. Known for hoarding treasures and concubines. Can offer consent.

Examples of Specific Species of Fey

  • Elf - Tall, thin, lavender skinned folk with long pointed ears. A very Druidic race who preach the powers of nature. Often regarded as prudish stuffy shirts.
  • Half-Elf - As the name implies, the child of an elf and a human. Tends to lean towards human skin tones and philosophies. Notably the only species on Fatagass with 4 genders.
  • Pixie - Small winged humanoids. Often regarded as fun loving, but quite modest.
  • Merfolk - Sea dwelling fey resembling elves with fishlike tails instead of legs. Fun loving, but prudish despite their nudist beliefs.
  • Gnome - Small elfoid creatures with human skin tones. Fun loving artificers specializing in magic technology. Not quite as prudish as their contemporaries, but still treats sex as sacred.
  • Tiefling - Demonic fey. Proud warriors with passionate hearts and a resistance to fire.
  • Concubuss - Demonic fey who seek out sex for sustenance. The most promiscuous of fey, or any species for that matter.
  • Goblin - Smaller green skinned fey with bat-like ears, larger noses, and otherwise humanoid bodies. Mischievous inventors with a penchant for weaponry and sex toys. Very casual with regards to hook-ups.
  • Troll - The Warcraft kind, tall and lanky blue-skins (green is technically a kind of blue) with tusks and voodoo practices.
  • Lamia - Similar to merfolk, but snakes and the desert instead of fish and the water.
  • Centaur - Similar to merfolk, but horses and the plains. Also not as fun loving and more Druidic warriors.
  • Faun - A race of humanoids with the upper body of an elf or human with the legs, horns, and ears of either a deer or a goat. They tend to be playful bards who dance and sing and play the pipes.
  • Holstaur - Similar to fauns, but with bovines. The females tend to have beach ball sized boobs that can produce milk regardless of pregnancy. They also enjoy providing special face massages using their boobs.

On Skinny (Non-Monster) Anthros

Often, when an anthro type monster impregnates a human or fey, the child will be a non-monster anthro that does not start out as fat and gassy. It may become a fat and gassy monster later in life if it so chooses, but otherwise it will be considered a non-monster anthro.

Extra Information and Clarification

All humans are females with both genitalia, better known as hermaphrodites or futanari. Both genitalia are fully functional. It’s noted that Fatagass humans refer to their own penises as “swords”, but they don’t refer to others’ as such. Humaldi humans and the other races use the other slang terms. What we call swords are referred to as “knives” instead.

The typical naming rules for Fatagass kingdoms and empires is:

Humans name them after foodstuffs

Monsters name them after flatulence onomatopoeia

Fey name them after natural materials

Elementals have no kingdoms. They just show up whenever and are regarded as natural phenomena and spirit creatures.

While humans or fey are capable of being impregnated by monsters naturally, the other way round is only possible through a specific magic spell.

Terms to Know

Futanari - Hermaphrodite, usually female. On Fatagass, this applies to humans and ¼ of half elves.

Half Elf Genders - ¼ each of fully male and female half elves and two kinds of hermaphrodites, masculine and feminine.

He-Gassen - Japanese: 屁合戦, literally: “Fart competitions”

Monstrous - Exhibiting monstrous traits, namely obesity and flatulence.

Slay - To have sex with a monster.

Sword - The name for a Fatagass human’s penis. Typically used to “slay” monsters.


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