Tubby Boo Adventures (Lost Media)

now that boysoy gave me permission to upload the game, I upload it

the first version is still missing, but at least we have the final product <3

that was never really lost, the important thing is that now everyone can enjoy it.
I will make sure to translate it into Spanish, Esperanto, French and Chinese these days for more diversity and inclusion.

thanks and credits to boysoy for his work <3

link: Removed


Looks neat, but how would you run this? It appears the download is for powerpoint files?

Run the file “D - TTB Bedroom & Dungeon.ppsx”.

It’ll play like a game.

Have to say, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a game running through powerpoint, but it brings back memories.

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having a bit of trouble getting it to run.
any powerpoint viewing programs? im not buying microsoft office if i dont have to.
edit: got it to work with: Get PowerPoint Mobile - Microsoft Store

Honestly not bad. Too spicy for my taste personally but I was sort of impressed at this being made on powerpoint of all things lol.

No need to apologize, even if it wasn’t my thing it was still really damn good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my it’s been so long since the last time I played this one, do anyone know what’s the creator new furaffinity account ?

I like your work. Hope you are still active on Fur Affinity.

But speaking of your FA, what happened to it?

And what happened to your Wattpad?

Oh i remember this one, good to see you about somewhere boysoy.

How play it? I cant even open a file.

And do you, Boysoy intend to upload all your art and fanart here?

And how old are your characters? And what’s the biggest you drew a character?

And how come I can’t find your furaffinity account?