Turbo Fat by Poobslag

Haven’t seen anyone post this yet, so why not. I found this game on itch.io after browsing some other WG games. The actual gaining is super cartoony, but the dialogue is fun.


not explicit in the slightest, but wow. This is pretty good! I love the music and everything


My only issue with the game is that, since there’s no actual line piece, the margin for error is a lot smaller, meaning one mistake can cost you a lot.


Yes, if you make a mistake, it can easily cause a downward spiral where it becomes very difficult to recover from.

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I think that’s why you have the ability to squeeze past other pieces

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That’s the weird part, the dialogue seems geared towards mature audiences, there’s even a handful of swears and sex jokes in there.

I tried to download this for Android, and it said that the file might harm my phone. Should I be worried if I try to download it?

That’s what Android usually says if the .apk is from an unknown source iirc

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So I shouldn’t worry?

Well the desktop version runs with no issues, unless this guy has an undying hatred of android users, you should be fine.


Supper fun game, great sound too!

Fully completed the main story, I think, aside from one level which I’ll mention later. The difficulty curve is great, it starts you off with some easy stuff to get you used to the mechanics, and then it starts ramping up. Plus you can go back and revisit early levels once you’ve learned the game, so it’s easier to get customers big and full~

Some of the later levels get hard. I’ve got a decent amount of experience with Tetrislikes, and I cannot for the life of me beat Muffin Impossible II.

Honestly, really hard getting used to Android controls. I keep pressing the up button on accident and losing rounds because of it. Also, overworld movement is slow. Then again, I made my character as thick as possible.

Edit: OK, I have hit the up key pretty much every single time I have played this game on accident. It is too close to the other directional keys. That is fine for the overworld, but during the puzzle game, it has screwed up just about every game I’ve played.

Can someone PLEASE give me a tip for how to avoid FREQUENTLY pressing the wrong buttons on accident. I maximized the size of the keys, and I am STILL pressing the wrong buttons on accident time after time. It ruins every level I try to beat to the point where this game is almost unplayable on Android.

…also, my characters head disappears behind the Cafe wall when facing up. Messed up layer priorities?

Maybe you could use an extension keyboard that might work

I tried Loco controls. It helps a little.

i kind of remember this game from 3 or 2 years