Turris Puesco offline launcher?

Turris Puesco seems to be a great (albeit discontinued) WG RPG, but I see that it’s very inaccessible to play now, with all the XAMPP fiddling around.

Would it be possible to make a proper offline compile? even if there’s a lot of missing/broken content it would still be easier to pick up and play.

Unfortunately I cannot offer myself for such a project, as of posting this topic I’m a complete noob at programming, let alone web-related games.

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Its a PHP application, if I’m not mistaken. You’d have to rewrite it into a different language if you wanted it to run without a webserver.

Ahhhh shoot. I knew it was wishful thinking, but damn.

I mean, unless you are afraid of someone else in the household doing it, just do localhost, right?

Pretty sure, though I cannot test this myself (not my router, dont wanna come up with an explanation if someone else does localhost), that it is available ready to “host” on some github.

Tbh its not too hard to do, just takes some fiddeling around.^^’
Then again, I had previously installed xampp and worked with it a tiny bit before for the sake of uni work.