Twine help please. I am desperate

Yea I just need help set set the girls you interact weight, feed, and have romance with. The character you play as is already set and I need help on that. I don’t know what to do and I am very desperate for help now. So please someone help me…

Alright, two questions:

  1. Which Twine format are you using? Harlowe (default), Sugarcube or something else?

  2. When you say “set the girls you interact [with]”, do you mean set which girl you’re interacting with or set the stats on the girl you’re interacting with? Because if you mean the latter, then that can be done pretty much the same way as with the player character, just with different variable names.

I am using sugarcube, and there 5 girls you can interact. And no stats yets

Can you give me a bit more information on what you’re trying to do? I don’t think I entirely understand what you’re trying to do.

I try to make game where you are a king of ruin castle… take care of 5 girls that banish. You are that king and you try you best make them well feed. it have weight gain in the game.

That doesn’t really explain what you mean by “set the girls you interact weight, feed, and have romance with”. Best I can do is post Sugarcube’s Documentation, hopefully that helps.

I mean like you talk to them to increase your relationship, feed them to make them to make them gain weight, and depend on your romance level… you can have sex with them…

Alright, so for that you can use integer (number) variables to keep track of what each character’s stats are at (ie create a variable for each girl for their weight, how much they like you and maybe stomach capacity(?)). For instance, if a girl weighs 120 lbs and kinda dislikes you, her $weight stat and $relationship stats could be 120 and -10 respectively.

For the sake of reducing variable bloat, you could also compact the variables into Objects correlated with each character (ie <<set $charactername = {name: “name”, weight: 120, relationship: -10}>>).

4 out of the 5 start plump. One is skinny.

In that case, set their weights accordingly.

oh thank you. I maybe i could just do set states on their weight like say plump

That could also work, yes.