Twine poll for my game!

So, since im making a game, im giving you guys a choice on what do you want to do with the main character.
There will be little effects but I’m giving you the option to pick!
(The main character will be a girl, the customization is only weight, and some like characteristic)

  • Set character (no customization)
  • Own character (with customization)

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So when it hits 50 votes, I’ll close the poll and will announce the winner
Edit : or when I want to


I don’t think this is something we should decide for you. You should make the call based on whether you benefit more from being able to control the MC’s actions/traits/personality more on your end or whether you want a true sandbox where the player can choose and do whatever they want.


Sorry everyone! The explanation seems misleading, so what I mean with “what do you want to do with the main character” is like weight gain potions, potions that make you hungry and stuff like that, yes there will be customisation but probably for like beginning weight. Again, sorry!

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Fell asleep, sorry! Anyway, the winner is of course the own character, I might just do customisation here and there like WG potions, or like temples that can make you gain weight.thank you everyone who voted!