Two more "trashy" (but in a good way) Android games

Hi, it’s SomeInvisiblePerson! You might know me from:

  • Posting bug reports for RPG Maker games
  • Liking posts of games that I enjoyed, but never engaging in the thread (besides aforementioned bug reports)
  • Never making an introduction post
  • A little thread about a game called Fat2Fit

That last one’s why I’m here. Every now and then, I go through the Google Play store, hoping to find something with weight gain that’s at least halfway decent, and also not drowning in ads like Fat2Fit has unfortunately succumbed to. And good news, I found 2!

Make Girlfriend

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Make Girlfriend is mechanically very similar to Fat2Fit at its base, as you run down a long platform eating burgers to gain weight or cucumbers to lose weight. Rather than obstacles that are pass/fail based on weight, however, it’s mostly just cosmetic choices or straight up cliffs. Those cosmetics are the biggest difference to Fat2Fit, as you (I think) always get a choice of clothes to collect, and randomly sprinkled along the path are hairstyles and colors, skin tones, and… asset boosts. Once you reach the end of the path, you probably get an ad, you collect money (which you can boost with another ad), and then you take control of some guy and can place the girl you just “made” in one of 10 slots (the only thing to spend money on, but also unlockable with more ads). They’ll hang out in that spot for 10 more runs, performing an animation based on the spot which the guy can join in by standing in front of them. And… that’s pretty much it! You Make Girlfriend, you basically set her in a trophy room, and then you go again to see what different cosmetics you can collect in the next run. Ads only happen between runs, none of those nonsense ad gates that infested Fat2Fit. Going by the one negative review, it seems there used to be judging of the girl you made, but I didn’t see anything like that in my time with the game.

Fat Bender

Fat Bender is quite unique for a weight-gain based Android game. It has a character model that’s different from all of those runner games. It’s not a runner game, even. And, it has no ads. Zero. Completely free experience. The only problem is you get what you’re paying for in the content department, it has only six or seven levels which it loops through without changes after every completion. Still, I think what’s there is worth a look. You navigate the sometimes open, sometimes mazelike areas, collecting burgers to increase your weight, which you then spend to crush the Italian chef enemies, while also avoiding the broccoli they throw at you which causes you to lose weight. If you aren’t above 200 lbs. when you get close to a chef, you’ll get crushed instead. Smash every enemy, exit the level via the elevator, repeat. Simple, short, but again, no ads.

Hope people enjoy these!


No ads??

I think I’m actually gonna give that one a go…

Oh question, does the “turn off your wifi before you start” trick work on that first one? if it does I might give that one a go as well, though I’m a lil sad that the other character is a guy.

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You know, I never even thought to try. I’m used enough to putting up with ads to get something, that I guess I put up with skippable ads even when I don’t. If it works elsewhere, though, I imagine it works in that game, there’s no sophistication to the way the ads pop in.

Update: Downloading both of these and on the play store page for Fat Bender it says it contains ads.

Will edit with more info as I play.

Edit: No ads at least for 30 levels. Not gonna play anymore.

Played fat bender and tbh I don’t have much more to say abt it than SIP here, aside from a silly bug I found and what I’m gonna call a high score.

slightly racist stereotypes lie defeated among the debris of a renderite restaurant

Highest weight I managed to leave a level with. Could probably have done better on another level but it doesn’t control well enough for me to care to try.

jesusing outside the level

Exactly what it says on the tin. One of the windows on this level just isn’t solid. no collision on either side.

Don’t waste your time with this game.

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