Type of Male centered games you would like to see?

Hey! I haven’t posted on here since sharing my old RPG Maker game, but I’ve been pondering for a while what kind of game to make next. I’m actually a little busy currently but when I have time I would like to make another game. To the point, I’m wondering what type of games people would be interested in currently. Specifically male centered.
By “type of game” I mean RPG Maker, Renpy, maybe even M.U.G.E.N though I have never successfully made one in that. “Type” could also mean mechanics or anything like that. Just what y’all would like to see in a game.
This is just to jumpstart some potential ideas and maybe get some ideas flowing for anyone reading through here? I hope this all makes sense.


Glad to see you come back my dude, I look forward to whatever you bring out next :slight_smile:

hmm… I have a few suggestions and ideas for such things although i haven’t heard of this M.U.G.E.N game engine but i could give you two or so ideas for both ren’py & RPG maker for male centered games…

RPG Maker Ideas:

  • captor Feeder - MC is a feeder whom kidnaps and fattens those they have captured for reasons being Revenge, a unique trade, Obsessed with the captive but thought they were always too skinny to begin with or Leverage to a rival or enemy won’t target them but takes additional if not unusual methods to make them less likely to escape

  • Eldritch themes - Not that much used but i think would work well with RPGMaker more since they are known for their unusual effects on the world, basically an elder god who wants to make the world into a sea of flab for them to absorbed into their unifying mass of flab.

Ren’py List:

  • Girls turn to fatten the guy - I think this would be brilliant to see, while the majority of people on this site prefer female protagonists it would be nice if it was the lass making the lad pile on the pounds for a change be it for a silly bet, Redeeming themselves in their eyes after doing something really bad or just for the sheer thrill of it all.

  • Professional Sumo?.. - I’ll admit i could of added this to RPG Maker also but i also thought it would be a good written story to read through be the reasons they wanted to do it since they were young, making a new identity after a incident forcing them to put on alot of weight and become a professional just to hide themselves.

  • Life changing Injuries/ life saving drug with side effects - This one mostly speaks for itself while this is more of what effects it would have afterwards even as sensitive a topic such things can be, you can use things such as ‘I managed to pull through but the Doctors told me that my body is now absorbing a lot more calories to help my body recover faster and forced me on a strict diet’ to ’ I was given a drug that will help me recover from my injuries in time but they warned me to be careful with what i eat’


Heyy! Thanks! I felt it had been a while and had wanted to put up some kinda update for a while. Just wasn’t sure what.

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Nice! I totally agree with the girl fattening guy thing. I had wanted to pursue that idea multiple times but never came out with an idea I was totally into. I’m really into most of these actually, getting some storylines built in my head now.