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Hi, I’m Cutebytes, been lurking on the forum for a few years by now, figured I’d finally make an account, though it’s been a little while since I actually signed up, I never got around to posting anything, so here goes.

I have always been interested in gamedev and wg, then a while back I happened upon this forum in a google search searching for games with wg, been lurking since.

I’m a skilled programmer, with experience mainly in JVM based languages(Java and Kotlin), but also in Javascript and C#. I’m also fairly experienced with Opengl, in my latest hobby project I made a humanoid 3D model smoothly blend between normal weight and fairly fat while in a very complex scene.
Regardless, I’m currently not working on any projects in particular, and I’m a bit bored at the moment(because lockdown), so if anyone is in need of a programmer for a game project, feel free to pm me.

Finally I’m quite interested in story heavy chat-based roleplaying and created a discord server for that, none of my irl friends are interested, but if anyone here is interested I could post a link(reply or pm me).
It isn’t a wg centric roleplay, but if you have some good plot ideas involving wg(or similar) or not, you are welcome. I might post about the rp in a separate topic, though I’m only looking for a few players.

Well that’s it, glad to be a part of the community.


Welcome! Happy to have another fellow coder with us!

Welcome here ! Coders are rare and precious we need more of them in our community !
Personally, I am just a game-roleplayer into the Feederism.