uhhhh...so are there any fat and vore mods for fallout new vegas


i just don’t want to play fallout 4 or skyrim

why new vegas? the best comparison for how it would look is like frying an egg. under the pan
graphics didnt age well, the models dont look good, id doubt that anybody would have invested time into that, sorry

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There’s actually a fat mod being worked on for New Vegas on this very forum. Fallout New Vegas Weight Gain Mod
There’s no vore though, and it’s only in its early stages


I think it’s a very promising sounding mod. If I ever have any free time, I may will reinstall New Vegas and try it out :slight_smile:


at least it’s actually a good game

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Because NV is the only good 3D Fallout.

True, but if I were to get my rocks off, well, id do it on an engine that has propper face generation, propper body sliders, not the most outdatet graphics and doesnt have problems with breathing.

Dont get me wrong, I love NV more than any other Fallout game, just…

There’s graphics mods, too, you don’t have to settle for those janky-ass Oblivion character models.

I used a cbbe body model that someone made for New Vegas, so it’s not the original models. It’s not perfect, but I also added more sliders myself to make it look better. The thread for the mod shows it off.

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…Just that it’s buggier than a Cazador nest and about as stable as a house of cards in a hurricane?

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To be fair, all Bethesda games are buggy as f**k before you even think about adding any mods.

I’ve given up modding mine. You can just about guarantee that at some point, the game will simply stop working.

Literally ONLY that one guy’s demo mod which doesn’t support armour and clothing.