Ultimate WG Vocabulary List For Writers

I compiled all the vocab lists that I posted on my old account into one big document and also added a few new things as well. Hopefully you guys find use in this:

Ultimate WG Word Bank.pdf (111.9 KB)

T h e f t h a s b e e n c o m m i t t e d .

No, but seriously, thank you. I’m going to use this.


Hey, It’s an incredible gesture to go on and write an extensive list like this, but I have some feedback to make it even better.

  • I think instead of listing these here, it would be better to write them up in a pdf in an orderly fashion with titles, subtitles, bold letters, etc.

  • I think you should actually attach the meaning of the word there instead of the stand-alone word. There are a lot of basic stuff of course we’re going to know the meaning of, but since you went very in-depth with this, there is a lot of stuff we haven’t even heard about.

Again, thank you a lot for this list, but I think it could be more useful with the feedback provided :+1:


Whilst the intention is good, I think the execution is a little wanting I’m afraid to say. This is just a long, sprawling list that meanders a fair bit - I picked a random point and it started listing regular clothes for some reason.

Markdown has the means to make collapsible tables:

Like so! Click to expand.

A Category Heading

  1. A numbered
  2. list
    • With some
    • Sub bullets
  3. is pretty easy
  <summary>Like so! Click to expand.</summary>
  ## A Category Heading
  1. A numbered
  2. list
     * With some
     * Sub bullets
 3. is pretty easy

Glad to see this here, I’m gearing up to hopefully do something Twine-ey for the game jam ^^

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huh, well that’s something you gotta discuss with @grotlover2

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Its an anti spam measure. You have to hit TL1 before you can post files. Just look around the forums and read a few posts and you will get it in no time.