Una nueva vida - A WG rpg game (Version 0.0.8 available now)

Hello, people. I introduced myself not too long ago and i said i was working on a game, inspired by the many awesome games that are here. To be honest , i was not confident
on my own skills and in many ocassions i thought about just drop the project all togheter. But as time went on, i was enjoying more the whole developing process.

Synopsis: A young woman is found gravely injured by a kind scientist who saved her life by turning her into an human/slime hybrid. Despite that her life was saved , she still suffered from amnesia from the incident and is not fond with her new form ,even if she gets abilites by eating and increasing her size. She journeys on a quest to both recover her memories and to restore her original form, meeting new friends and allies and also facing dangerous and bizarre situations that will question her motivations and thinking on her “new life”.

The game will mainly contain weight gaining and stuffing, while also mantaining a traditional RPG style of gameplay. You can increase the weight of the characters and in turn use it for powerful skills in battle,with weight of the characters divided into 4 stages(slim, overweight, fat and very fat). The game has a linear storyline, divided in chapters ,though some mid-chapters will be added to expand it.

Some screenshots of the current version of the game:

The main character in her 2nd stage:

Sizes of the first 2 main characters:

There is one issue,however ,that i’m facing and that is , if you notice the title , is in Spanish (my native language). I didn’t consider that i was making it in Spanish but i’m a little too far in development to change it now, because some of the story involves some jokes and comments that are based on spanish-speaking cultures. I plan on making an english version after the game is finished. But if the language proves to be too much of an issue, then i’ll see how to overcome it.

Being my first tackle at game developing i hope i can provide a good experience to you all.

Thanks for reading.

-Version 0.0.5 - Initial public release.

-Version 0.0.6:
There is a lot of fixes, but i’ll write the most important ones and the changes.

  • Fixed the dialogue with the blacksmith’s daughter.
  • Fixed the last part of Laura’s quest.
  • Fixed a bug with Mayor Gonzales that would freeze the game.
  • Multiple typos and dialogue errors fixed.
  • Most enemies’s stats were adjusted and some new attacks were added for some.
  • Added Ilia’s quest
  • Re-added Cooking (this was in previous builds but i disable it and changed to be unlocked while helping Ilia to better fit the game’s story).
  • Changed how enemy encounters work in Bosque Espeso.
  • Changed some of Xiera’s spells to better fit with the current chapter.
  • Fixed the lootable items in the temple.

-Version 0.0.8:
There are some changes and a lot of additions, i’m still finishing the rest but also adding and changing some stuff. Being the first chapter, i’m trying to make it a good first impression for players.

  • Initial part of the bandit’s quest has been added
  • Added some sfx for scenes and changed some.
  • The width of the screen has been increased and the journal has been adjusted
  • Some text have been fixed, changed or added and some grammatical errors have also been fixed.
  • The main characters portraits now change depending on their current health and weight
  • New icons for some items and foods
  • Added new music when entering Pueblo Arveja for the first time.
  • El legumbre’s bar now works properly (in before was a little broken, so now after completing their quest, you can go to the bar and order a breakfast for free, this will give the party 25 PE)
  • Added minigame “Concurso de cerveza” (Beer contest).
  • A new skill for Reiko and Xiera.
  • Some item’s stats were adjusted and fixed.
  • Reiko’s Bloqueo corporal (Body block) now properly redirects attacks to her.

Link (current version)
Una nueva vida - 0.0.8


Let us know if you need a hand with translations or anything

Good I wanted to learn Spanish anyways.


Se ve interesante, suerte.


you tambien hablas español nativo, esta interesante el como iniciaste la historia
asi que dale, dale con la silla
bueno en si esta bueno tu proyecto y que te vaya bien en tu futuro no me refiero solo en esto si no
que es un ‘’ buena suerte en tu vida’’
psd: es que en este lugar o mayoritariamente tengo que leer en ingles, pero bueno gracias a eso he aprendido algo ._.

Se ve bien suerte…y por qué siento que abra algún chiste sobre la inflación de la moneda de algun país? Jeje

No subestimes a los fanáticos. Si el juego es suficientemente popular, podria les tomar MINUTOS hacer una traduccion completa, localizada al ingles perfecto americano, justo despues tu lanzas una version espanol. Pero yo probablemente todavía voy a pruebar jugar este juego en espanol por el desafio adicional.

Don’t underestimate the fans. If the game is popular enough, it could take them MINUTES to make a complete translation, localized into perfect American English, right after you release a Spanish version. But I’m probably still gonna try playing this game in Spanish for the extra challenge.

I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.

Me es un poco abrumador pensar en si de verdad logre sacar algo bueno, pero espero que al menos el primer capitulo sea del agrado de todos. Igual ya dije que espero hacer el juego en inglés después de terminarlo o igual ver la traducción antes dependiendo de como va.

Es como dijeron en el mensaje anterior si necesitas traducciones podríamos unirnos y proporcionar algunas traducciones al inglés, Pero necesitamos reunir a personas que entiendan cada discurso cultural para traducirlo bien en inglés. (Sólo conozco el discurso mexicano y los manierismos.)

It’s like they said in the previous message if you need translations we could join together and provide some english translations, but we need to gather people who understand every cultural discourse to translate it well into English. (I only know the Mexican speech and mannerisms.)

Always wondered what it’d be like to play as a slime girl in a WG game. Take your time on development, as for the translation stuff, plenty of willing volunteers in that department so, feel free to finish the game in Spanish first.

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Update: I have released the beta of the first chapter. Unfortunately i couldn’t finish all the things i wanted before the end of the year (one of the side quest and the final part of the chapter is not in this version). But at least there is a good amount of stuff here and i need to
check that everything at least is in a good state and i hope that during January that the full 1st chapter is completed.

Any and all feedback is appreciated, to check and see what is working or not, what is fine and else. Thanks for reading and have a good day.

I haven’t finished the new content, but it seems interesting so far. A few of the conversations, like the one with the lady at the smithy, seem to be malfuctioning, and the follower followed me two spaces behind for some reason. Other than that my only issue is that there is a lot of empty space and you have buildings so far apart.

The follower thing is because when testing the sizes of the characters, their sprites would obstruct the view of the entire party (the later stages of the characters are big), so as a solution i made it like that. I know it looks bad but i don’t know yet how to change it to only do it depending of the sizes. (For lore reasons, Xiera says that is because she dislikes being too close to others).

The building thing, yeah. Not my best work but i understand. I’ll try to make the next locations more consistent.

I’ll check the smithy . Thanks.

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Well I now know what it’s like to play an rpg while illiterate.
(the game does seem pretty neat though)

Version 0.0.6 has been released. Includes a lot of bugfixes and Ilia’s quest has been added. The next update will include the rest of the chapter.


Can everything be translated into English in the next update please

Entonces en la versión actual se es posible llegar a todas las fases de peso? Porque hasta el momento solo he Sido capaz de llegar a la 2da que es cuando el máximo es de 250 de saciedad… O hasta el momento allí queda?

En el primer capitulo, solo es posible llegar a la 2da fase por temas de historia. Originalmente quería que fuese desde el principio que se pudiese acceder a todas las fases, pero a medida que desarrollaba la trama del juego, lo cambie a que progresivamente los personajes puedan llegar las siguientes fases. Los sprites de Reiko y Xiera de las siguientes fases están en el juego y se pueden ver (ya que fue lo primero que hice cuando empecé a desarrollar el juego), pero no están accesibles.

entonces por el momento solo estan disponibles las 2 primeras fases. ya que pues solo esta el primer capitulo no? no hay mas actualmente o si?